Fun Theme Ideas for Children’s Winter Birthday Parties

It can be tough having a birthday after the holiday season’s finished! Bank accounts may feel empty, and guests can be partied out after all the festivities between Halloween and the New Year.

If you’re tasked with throwing a birthday party for your child during this season, you’ll want to make sure the day is extra special.

This can be a bit challenging when you’re cooped up indoors, but with a bit of creativity, you’ll be able to make their special day one to remember!

Here are some fun themes to help you begin your planning.

Winter-inspired Theme

Make the most of the winter spirit by throwing a winter-themed party! A winter wonderland type of theme can be really fun and easy.

The décor can help you reuse some old Christmas decorations, with snowflakes, twinkly lights, and papercrafts.

Decorate with paper cut-outs of snowflakes, trees, or arctic wildlife like penguins and polar bears.

You don’t need it to be snowy outside to get in the spirit indoors, either. You can have a mock snowball fight with fluffy fabric balls, or create your own snowflakes with plenty of glitter.

Keep your guests cosy and warm with steaming mugs of hot chocolate and marshmallows!

Cooking or Baking

Does your child love to help you out in the kitchen? Are their friends old enough to handle some light decorating or mixing duties?

Throw a baking party with the kids, setting up a buffet-style bar with decorations to create customized cookies, cupcakes, or other baked treats.

This will not only keep them busy for the better part of an hour, but it takes care of goodie bags because you can send kids home with their creations.

Fancy Dress Party

If you’re like many mums, you may immediately reach for the dress-up box on a rainy day.

It’s amazing how long children can be entertained by dressing up in costumes of all varieties, and you can use this same idea for your birthday party.

A fancy dress party lets them choose what character they want to be, and you can join in the fun by dressing up too.

Add to the fun with props and a “photo booth” that they can pose in.

Book and Movie Characters

A book or movie theme is always a popular party idea for kids, and it can be particularly useful in the winter months.

If you want to narrow down the general fancy dress theme a bit, let kids choose their favourite book, TV, or film character.

This lets them choose between funny fancy dress or more serious and elaborate costumes, and you can always run with the theme in terms of décor with cinematic cut-outs and invitations.

Animal Themes

Finally, why not try a wintry animal theme? Have someone on face painting duty, whether it’s yourself or a more artistic friend.

Let children choose from a selection of animal faces, or make masks together as a party craft.

You can play animal-themed party games like pin the tail on the donkey, and use cookie cutters to cut out finger sandwiches in animal shapes.

Does your child have a winter birthday?  What party themes have you chosen?


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