Global Gourmet Indian Curry Station By Sensio Home: Review

At mealtimes, what do you do if you have a small oven and have to plate up a variety of dishes without them getting cold?

Or, what do you do if you’ve splashed out on a nice Saturday night curry takeaway and want to keep the food warm?

Global Gourmet Curry Station By Sensio Home, box, warming plate, pots and cable

Let’s be honest, serving dishes are a little too posh for routine family meals but by the time we get to sit down, the food’s tepid.

We were recently sent a fabulous food warmer to try.

Made by Sensio Home it’s called the Global Gourmet Indian Curry Station and it’s a hot plate upon which you can warm or slowly reheat your curry and sides and even grill your naan or chapatis.

It comes with 4 surprisingly generous non-stick aluminium pots (750ml each) with individual toughened glass lids and handles.

This meant the Husband was put on automatic curry duty so he whipped up his legendary chicken curry and a mix of Saag Aloo and Bombay Potatoes.

Selection of curry dishes and a big pan of chicken curry on the stove

Simply warm the curry station up by turning the easy to-operate dial to 1 for warm, 3 for reheat or 5 for grill, and then unplug and carry to your table.

You’ll need to put it on heatproof mats and make sure that the children don’t touch it or try taking the lids off without using a cloth to avoid burning fingers.

The curry station base is incredibly light and we found it simpler to carry the base and then add the pots afterwards.

We tested the curry station on the warming setting and found it kept our food warm for a good half hour.  The kids can be painfully slow eaters and it was great to be able to refill our plates with hot food!

Caitlin & Ieuan enjoying curry from the Global Gourmet Indian Curry Station

The four bowls serve four adults comfortably but you may need an extra pot for rice.

The pots are dish-washer safe whilst the warming plate is not and needs to be cleaned with a damp cloth.

The length of the cable supplied is relatively short which may mean that, when using the station for grilling, you have to keep it plugged in to get enough heat to grill.  This is the only slight downside I could find.

I can say that the unit gets very hot very quickly though and it certainly retains heat well.

And of course, you could use the curry station as a food warmer for things such as gravy, stews, porridge or soup.  I am sure we won’t be just using ours for curry!

The Global Gourmet Indian Curry Station retails at £49.95 

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