How am I doing on the LighterLife Fast Blogger Challenge – Week 2?

Hmm.  Well I must be honest I had expected the weight to fall off a lot faster.  So far I’ve lost the princely amount of half a pound.

LighterLife Fast Porridge & Shake

Now I will be honest and say that I did cheat on my 3rd fast day and ate a sausage and some baked beans for tea instead of the LighterLife Fast ready meal I was supposed to have.

But that’s the only transgression I’ve made.

As you will recall from my previous post, the LighterLife Fast programme is a version of the 5:2 diet where you restrict your calories on 2 days of the week and then eat normally for the remaining 5.

The problem is, I think, with the definition of “eating normally”.

There are several reasons why the weight isn’t shifting and this is why you really can’t have a “one diet fits all” approach.

I can’t compare my weight loss with yours over the same period because we may have different metabolisms or retain more water.

As a menopausal woman with a thyroid problem I suppose I should expect weight loss to be a little more challenging.

Selection of LighterLife Fast ready meals and weighing scales showing weight of 10 st 2lbs

Here are my ‘issues’ (oh alright then – excuses)

Lack of support

It’s not surprising the group support is such an important feature of the other LighterLife weight loss programmes.

It’s bloody hard eating something from a sachet when the family are tucking into a home-cooked tea.


You really have to want to do this.  Again, this comes back to support and having a ‘diet buddy’ to share your progress with.

You have to adjust your eating on the other 5 days

You may say this is blindingly obvious but the danger with restricting calories on 2 days is that you tend to load up on the other 5.

So it’s really a diet plan that is 7 day not 2 day.  After all, it was “eating normally” that started to put the weight on in the first place.

I am surprised though how little difference calorie restriction has made so far.

I really miss fresh food

There’s no denying that the LighterLife Fast plan is incredibly convenient.  A trip to my local Superdrug found shelves well stocked with a good variety of the brand’s soups, shakes and ready meals. (The products are exclusive to Superdrug).

One of the key benefits of this plan is that it’s a no-brainer, no cook, no stress method of eating and although the products are formulated to ensure you don’t miss out on nutrition, there’s nothing like eating fresh food – particularly fruit and veg.

You need to increase your daily activity

Again, hardly rocket science but I think I need to dramatically increase my activity levels.  At the moment on weekdays it consists of walking about a mile on the 2 school runs and little else!

So that’s where I am today, at the start of my 4th fast day (half way through my challenge).

I’ve just had Apple & Cinnamon porridge (155 cals) which was hot and tasty so let’s see how I get on.

I would like to see a weight loss of at least 3-4 pounds within a month, ideally 7 pounds which would be realistically achievable with other diets.

Wish me luck.

You can find more about the LighterLife Fast plan at, on Facebook or Twitter.


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