Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Spring

Whilst I really love Christmas, I always let out a sigh of relief when all the Christmas decorations have been taken down and packed away for another year. If you’re like me, you’ll be looking for spring cleaning tips to get your home ready for the new season and praying for the rapid return of the sun.

Spring blossom in the trees - spring cleaning tips from Kilrock and Mother Distracted

Once the tree and baubles have been put away, the house looks bare, a bit unloved and, if you’ve got kids, possibly ever so slightly grubby!

Time to grab a coffee and draw up a plan of action – and I’ve lots of ideas from cleaning product specialists, Kilrock, to point you in the right direction.

So where to start?

These are my ‘grubby hotspots’ which usually need tackling first.

Spring cleaning tips

The Bathroom

Attack the bathroom with a product such as Blast Away Mould – in spray or gel format, which is ideal for ridding door and window seals, shower units, bathrooms, sinks and WCs of mould and mildew. You can use it on plastic furniture too.

If the bath or sink are running sluggishly and have become clogged with yucky hair, try Kil-Block Drain Unblocker which is a powerful, fast-acting, multi-purpose drain and plughole unblocker.

Now is also a good time to chuck threadbare towels and flannels and replace them with some fresh new linen in bright spring colours.  Giving each member of the family their own colour flannel is a good idea too – and stops arguments!

Whilst you’re at it, why not replace frayed toothbrushes and chuck any toothbrush mugs in the dishwasher.  Electric toothbrush heads can also be replaced.

I like to splash out on some fancy French soap – anything from Roger & Gallet is heaven.

If you want to go a bit “Marie Kondo” (from the cult decluttering book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying“), you should throw out anything that does not “spark joy”.

That should include all those half used bottles of shampoo, face creams which just don’t do the job, all those hotel toiletries you convinced yourself you’d use and those bath gels you hate the smell of.

With a bit of love and care your bathroom can be more hygge.

interior shot of lounge and hallway - spring cleaning tips

The Kitchen

The kitchen is really the heart of the home yet it can often appear quite unloved (and grimy!).

Attack those surfaces and worktops with an effective, multi-purpose product like Bar Keepers Friend – a specialist, multi-surface cleaner that cuts through grease, grime, rust, and stains to give gleaming results every time. You can use it on steel, ceramics, copper, brass, chrome, glass and more.

Descale your kettle, coffee machine and iron with a product such as Kilrock-K Multi Purpose descaler which will totally clear heavily scaled appliances in minutes. You can also use it on your shower head.

Talking of coffee machines, you should make sure that yours is SCAA -certified – particularly if you like your coffee to have maximum flavour.

Clear out any out of date food and leftovers which are unlikely to be used from the fridge and give it a thorough wipe down.

Put a date in your diary to defrost the freezer and make a note to start using up the food you have in there.  Using your freezer correctly can save you pounds!

For example, chicken can be frozen for up to 9 months but bacon only lasts a month.

Emptying all the bins and adding a fresh bunch or two of Daffodils also works wonders so that your kitchen is ready for entertaining, should your friends or family pop by.

The Bedrooms

Start by stripping the beds and vacuuming the mattresses to get rid of dust mites.  This is particularly important when you or your little ones have allergies.

Next, check that your mattress protectors are up to the job and actually cover the mattress. If your mattress is over 8 years old, the advice is that is should be replaced and my recommendation would be the SIMBA – the most comfortable mattress I’ve slept on!

Check that your pillows are not damp or mildewed and that they have their own protectors.  The Sleep Council advises that pillows should be replaced at least every two years.

Tidy up your bedding by storing a double sheet and pillowcases inside a double duvet cover so that everything is altogether.  I’ve wasted hours trying to find the right bedding.

If bedrooms are damp, you could try Damp Clear Moisture Trap which is an effective, hassle-free solution for the removal of excessive moisture. It protects against mould, mildew and damp, combats musty odours, lasts three months and is refillable.

Kilrock manufactures problem solving household products many of which are firm favourites among British households and motorhome owners. Available, variously, at Robert Dyas, Lakeland, John Lewis, B & Q, Homebase, independent homeware stores or

Selection of Kilrock Cleaning Products - spring cleaning tips

The Garden

There is plenty to do in the garden at this time of year and now is the time to tackle those really big tasks you don’t want to be wrestling with in the heat of summer.  As well as planting and pruning, it’s time to take a look at any trees which need cutting back or even removing. The Local Tree Experts can advise.

What are your best spring cleaning tips for getting your home gleaming?

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