Working Mum Debate: Work From Home Or Go Back To The Office?

After pregnancy, many mothers have the choice between going back to work and staying at home with their child.

Nowadays, mostly thanks to the technological evolutions of the past several decades, there are many more work options that enable employees to work from home.

This is a concept especially interesting to mothers who wish to both spend time with their young children and not miss out on work.

These types of work often come in the form of freelancing and can be found through simple Google searches or through any of the multiple freelancing platforms.

These professions predominantly include freelance writing, freelance accounting, graphic design, web development, marketing, teaching, and translating.

On the other hand, going back to work in most cases means going back to the same company the mother worked at before her pregnancy.

However, there are also cases when a mum may wish to pursue a different career path. In those cases check what are the most in-demand jobs in your area and get yourself familiar with what qualifications you may need. Have a look also at mock interviews online, such as for example nursing interview questions for those interested in becoming part of the UK’s ever-growing healthcare industry.

With so many options out there, let’s explore the pros and cons of both working from home and going back to the office.

Work from home

Some pros of work from home are having no commute and cost savings (like those from childcare). You also get to be in your own space, which is said to inspire creativity and improve productivity. Plus, if you need to get recharged and enthused, you can spend time playing with your child instead of scrolling through social media in an office setting.

With some organization (and luck), you also could schedule your day around your child’s general nap or school schedule.

Some cons of work from home include the need for self-motivation and discipline.

You’ll have little to no socialization with like-minded adults, which means you’ll have to look elsewhere to bounce ideas around.

It can also be quite difficult to spend time with your child for 15 minutes during a work break, then having to close the door for two hours while you take a business call and can hear them cry from the other room.

Back to the office

The two main pros of going back to the office are interaction with other professionals and collaboration.

You are also able to focus more of your direct attention on your work while working in an office, as there is no possibility of your 3 old banging on the door and causing a temporary mind shift back into home mode.

Though the idea of absence making the heart grow fonder is pretty out there, it also makes you savor the time reading a storybook with your child even more.

Cons of going back to the office are headed by having to leave your kids every day. Daycare drop-offs or trying to slip out the door while the babysitter attempts to distract them can be really difficult.

Working in an office can also mean having to put up with your company’s work environment, which can be loud, distracting, and not as conducive to productivity as the work routine that normally gets your creative juices flowing.

No matter what work option you prefer, having the possibility to even have this debate is huge.

Without recent technological advances, many would still be debating between raising kids and working.

Now you can change your mind as you see fit and it is up to you to explore what inspires your productivity, suits your family, and makes you the happiest with your work-life balance.


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