Are You Thinking of Getting a Family Dog?

Having a pet in the home while your children are growing up can be so rewarding for everyone. A dog can bring fun times, an extra special sense of togetherness for the family, and of course, plenty of love.

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For your children, a dog can be the highlight of any day from playing games together in the garden to cuddling up in front of the TV. Our canine buddies can help create a true sense of union, a closeness with every family member, and a feeling that they have forever been a ‘part of the family’.

However, watch out for what’s to come… Money experts Voucherbox revealed the average cost of owning a pet during a recent survey.

Amongst the studies, they discovered that dog owners make an average lifetime investment of £15,382 for their furry friend, while cat owners pay a lesser average of £10,395!

While these statistics will undoubtedly shock most pet owners, surely the unconditional love they get offset the cost?

Our four-legged friends are one of the most expensive pets to own, so what are the other pros and cons of owning a dog?

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The Advantages

• Friends forever – dogs are always pleased to see us and love our attention. They are like shadows, following us everywhere and around the house. You will never be alone!

• Fitness – dogs require daily exercise which also gets us out in the fresh air! Whether it’s rainy cold walks in the winter or lovely summer runs, exercise is good for the dog and great for us too.

• Protection – dogs are steadfast, devoted companions, and they will always keep their owners from harm.

• Children – dogs are generally great with children and will build a strong and loving bond. If your children are young, it would be sensible to choose a dog that is renowned for being patient. Bear in mind that usually, the behaviour of the dog is down to the training by the owner.

The Disadvantages 

• Dependent – dogs are reliant on humans and should not be left on their own all day, so if you work full-time outside of the home, a dog would not be an ideal family pet.

• Daily walks – a dog needs to be walked at least once a day, so if you can’t take the time to go out for at least 30 minutes every day, then consider another pet.

• Kennels & home boarding – be mindful that if you go away on holiday or for a weekend, you will need to pay on average £20 per day for dog-sitting services.

• Chewing – bear in mind that puppies and young dogs may chew household objects. This is usually only when they are teething but if you’re very house proud, then reconsider.

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Having a dog in the home can be so rewarding. Imagine having someone who is always happy to see you! Depending on the age of your children, they can also be given responsibilities like walking or feeding the dog.

It can be wonderful to get a puppy as they will grow up with your children, but getting a rescue dog (that is trustworthy with children) can also be very fulfilling.

So if you’re thinking about adopting a lifelong companion, why not head to the nearest rescue centre this weekend?

There are plenty of dogs who would give you unconditional love, that need homes and a family to love them back.


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