Planning For The Holiday Of A Lifetime? Try Abu Dhabi

Before the children get any older, you may feel inclined to take everyone on an amazing holiday which nobody will forget.

You want this holiday to be the best of the lot, and you are prepared to save as much as you need to ensure that nothing is going to cost too much or that aspects like the entry prices to different venues are not too high for your budget.

The holiday of a lifetime means that it will not be forgotten about in a hurry by your children. In fact, it means the opposite. They will remember this holiday that you are planning for the rest of their lives and will continue to talk about it when they are in their twenties or thirties.

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A place which can cover all aspects of the meaning of your holiday of a lifetime, is Abu Dhabi which is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and is the second most populated city in the UAE.

The city is full of history, from artefacts to hotspots to memorials. It is also home to a dense amount of restaurants, pubs, cocktail bars and also has many places of interest to visit during the day.

It is a common misconception that Abu Dhabi can be a difficult place to get to, in terms of flights and airport transfers to and from your hotel – but this is simply not true.

Proof of this is booktaxiabudhabi which can provide easy access to transport you to and from the airport.

Heroes Sports Bar is a very popular destination for travellers. It is family friendly, has a great range of drinks and even offers food for a quick bite to eat if you are not stopping long. If someone in your family is a sports fan, various games are shown in the bar meaning it may be hard to get your husband or son out of there!

Origins could be a good choice for you and your family to eat at. The menu is varied, though consistent, and offers different types of food to suit everyone – even the fussy eaters. The ambience is peaceful, the price is good, the service is excellent. For something a little different, you could try Vasco’s, which has a great view of the sea. Depending on what you choose, the food can tend to be overpriced but nevertheless it still tastes delicious.

To please the kids, take them to Yas Waterworld which is a sprawling water park filled with all kinds of activities the children can get stuck into. While they are out having fun in the water or sliding down the water slides, you can relax under the sun with a nice refreshing drink.

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is also a place you must visit. Beautiful architecture, mouth opening artwork and an extremely interesting religious background means that this place will appeal to the children as well as the older generation. It may be better to arrive here in the morning as it can tend to get busier as the day goes on.


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