Strike A Balance Between Comfy And Cool With Your Look

Getting fashion right isn’t always easy, and we tend to go through different stages of it throughout our lives. When we are young, free and single, most of us prioritize looking good above all else – even if that means constantly having to straighten out a shirt that’s ruched up under your pencil skirt, or wearing a dress so tight, you aren’t quite sure whether you will ever breathe again normally.

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As we get older and work and family life takes over, a lot of people tend to head to another end of the spectrum entirely – the land of comfort. This means that gone are the days of lace blouses and tight denim – now it’s all about sweatpants and plain jumpers (the baggier, the better). But this transformation into the typical mum uniform can be pretty disheartening for many mothers.

After all, since when did having children mean that you can no longer dress in a way that allows you to express yourself?

Fashion is an art form, and when we lose our fashion mojo, it can sometimes feel as though we’ve lost a lot of our creativity along with it. But is there actually a way to be a style icon while being a busy mother, AND holding down a full-time job? You’ll be pleased to know that there IS a way to achieve this – but you’ll need to get savvy.

In order to create a workable look for yourself, you’ll need to be prepared to fit the fashion around your lifestyle, not the other way around.

The key to doing this is to find workable pieces of clothing that are comfortable, but that also speak to you on an aesthetic level.

This way, you can strike a perfect balance between being comfortable and able to run around after your kids, but also looking pretty fabulous while you do so. Check out my guide below.

Rock some flats

Have you grown up in an era where the ‘feminine’ thing to do was to wear heels 24/7? Sure, heels can make a woman’s outfit look that little bit more girly and glam, and there are some occasions where a pair of heels are very much warranted – a fancy dinner, or a work party, for example.

But wearing them all the time (even mid-heeled boots) can end up causing long-lasting damage to your feet.

Blisters, bunions and ingrown toenails are the least of your worries when it comes to wearing heels – nerve damage, spider veins and even back problems can all be caused or worsened by the long-term wearing of high heels.

In order to preserve your feet for years to come and to make rushing around throughout the day just that little bit easier, make a point of investing in some stylish flats.

Many women think that a flat shoe cannot be stylish, but this is where they are wrong!

There are so many different designs available. For example, you might go for a preppy loafer or boating shoe, or maybe a daintily embellished ballet flat.

Alternatively, a good pair of trainers is something every woman should have in her wardrobe – trainers aren’t just for teenagers, you know! Opt for a classic brand such as Converse or Vans for a timeless look – shoes like this can add a fun, youthful edge to just about any outfit.

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Loose trousers

If there is one item of clothing that restricts our daily movement more than any other, it is the tight trouser. We are all aware of the fashion for skinny jeans – sometimes jeans that are so skinny they almost look as though they were sprayed on!

As fabulous as they can look, however, they are not the most practical things to wear on a daily basis.

Of course, you may try to run your various errands in them – going to work, doing housework, ferrying the kids to and from their various after-school clubs. But all it takes is one awkward squat as you reach down to pick up a discarded toy off the floor, and that’s when you hear it: the dreaded rip.

No one wants to be accused of public indecency swanning around in a pair of torn jeans – so this is just one definitive reason why you may want to consider switching to boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend jeans (just like the boyfriend shirt or jacket) are designed in such a way to make them look as though you borrowed them from your boyfriend. In this respect, they are usually made with a wide yet straight leg, have deeper pockets (very useful) and need to be tied up around the waist.

They allow for much more movement simply because they are looser, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style.

Wear your boyfriend jeans with a tucked-in stripy t-shirt for a casual-cool, or you can even pair with a lacy crop top for a night out.

Other types of loose trousers are also great for everyday wear if denim isn’t really your thing. Palazzo pants have recently come back into fashion as the seventies trend resurfaces, or how about a good pair of harem pants – perfect for both lounging in and going about your daily business.

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Casual cool

Over the past year, we have seen a couple of interesting new trends emerging in high fashion. One is the sports luxe look – the other is the trend for pyjama suits.

Huge fashion brands such as Fendi have been branching out into clothing that takes inspiration from sportswear – but that has been twisted so that it is acceptable to wear on just a regular day.

The benefit of all this? You are on-trend and my, you are comfortable too!

An easy way to get this look is to don a pair of luxe joggers (if Fendi is a little out of your budget, there are plenty of great high street imitations too) and pair with a simple, chic t-shirt or jumper.

As far as the pyjama look goes, things are a little more complex. You have to get it completely right. Otherwise, it can just look as though you simply haven’t bothered to get dressed that day.

The first step is to look for something tailored – this is what will make your ‘pyjama set’ look more like actual clothes, rather than sleepwear. Then, pay attention to the material you choose. Avoid cotton at all costs – instead opt for something like a suit material, or maybe satin if you are feeling particularly luxurious.

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Throws and ponchos

We may be on our way into spring now, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still have the occasional bitterly cold day.

When the temperature drops and it’s rainy and cold, most of us want nothing more than to hide out in a cosy blanket at home, away from the prying eyes of the world. But, as is life, we usually need to leave the house to get on with our days.

Thankfully, there is a way you can stay cool and comfy and warm all at once – and it is with the help of blankets and ponchos.

We really saw blankets come into their own in the autumn/winter season of last year, so if you’ve still got one, don’t be afraid to rock it!

Simply wrap up in it whichever way feels most natural to you – if you want to make the look a little more streamlined, simply cinch yourself in at the waist with a stylish belt. As long as your arms are still free, there really isn’t a more comfortable piece of clothing to snuggle up in on a cold and frosty morning.

Fashion and comfort don’t have to be mutually exclusive – there are plenty of ways you can feel good and look good every single day.

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