Moving House With Children In Tow!

They say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. I wonder if whoever said that had kids at the time? If you’ve got toddlers you’ve got to keep one eye on them and one eye on the moving van. If you’ve got tweenagers, they won’t help at all. It’s a battle that seems impossible to win! But here we go, a simple guide to a simple and stress-free moving day.


First off, I look for furniture removal services near me so I can plan for the moving day go as smoothly as possible. It’s all about minimising stress from the offset and ensuring I can concentrate on other things on the day – like marshalling the rest of the family!

Before setting off, make sure you have the kids’ supplies separate to the rest of the other stuff. Toys, a change of clothes, I-pads, keep them all separate. You’re going to use them to distract your kids for most of the day. Pack a lunch for everyone too, because everyone is going to get tired and running to your nearest fast food restaurant isn’t just taking time out of your day, but it’s also very unhealthy, and on a day like today you need to make sure you’ve got a healthy family.

While all the anticipation of moving day means you are in a packing frenzy, you may forget about little details, like changing over all of your addresses. Luckily the Royal Mail provide a post redirection service for a fee, which lasts a few months or however long you need it to go on so you can make an easy transition. Look here for the royal mail contact number so you can put it in place. There are so many things to think about during a big move that you don’t want the added hassle of going back to your old home to pick up the post, especially if it’s 200 miles away!

It’s a good idea, too, to keep a list of emergency contact numbers, for example a good locksmith can get you out of a scrape if you lose the key to your new property or you just don’t feel secure with the ones the previous owners had.  Try who are available night or day.

When moving the kids’ stuff into the new home, it’s best to make their rooms a priority, so they have at least somewhere to sleep. With things like cots and cribs, it may be best to implement a relay setup, so while one person is on the van unloading and one person to carry the items to the door and the third person to move the items in. Once the items are in, two of the three people can put the items into place, and one is left to screw the cribs and bedding together. When moving items into the home, you are best moving the bulkier ones first, like the sofa and TV, because you can put them in place and all the smaller items can go around them. It makes life so much easier.

If your kids want to help, then they can move smaller items, like chairs. But have some common sense at hand. Nothing too heavy or anything with pointy bits, because you’ll be going to the hospital in-between moving cabinets!

Lastly, it can feel like a race against time, especially if the van has to be back at the rental place by 5, just breathe through it! Taking it one step at a time is much less stressful than getting in a state. While your kids can make it more difficult than it already is, if they can help, then it is a help!

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