The Retro Interior Design Trends Devaluing Your Home

A recent study commissioned by of 2000 people aged 16 and above across the UK has discovered 10 retro interior design trends which might lose us money when we come to sell our homes.

Woman sitting on a bright yellow sofa behind wood panelling

Wood panelling, avocado bathrooms and built in bars were named as just some of the fixtures most likely to put UK homebuyers off.

It is estimated that 324,000 UK homes still have an avocado bathroom suite and, on average UK homebuyers would reduce their offer by a massive £5,000 if a property still has one!

Research into the nation’s most hated retro décor trends has discovered the 10 interior design trends most likely to devalue your home are:

1. Wood panelling (46% of UK homebuyers wouldn’t buy a property if it still had old fashioned wood panelling)

2. Avocado bathrooms (44%)

3. Built-in bars (41%)

4. Woodchip (41%)

5. Artex ceilings (40%)

6. Heavily patterned carpet (35%)

Floral patterned chair on heavily patterned carpet

7. Textured wallpaper (34%)

8. Crazy paving (33%)

9. Brick fireplaces (33%)

10. Built in wardrobes over the bed (30%)

According to the study, UK homebuyers would look to knock £4,877.46 off the purchase price of a property if it still had an outdated avocado bathroom suite. One in six of us (16%) would expect to pay at least £5,000 less and 6% of 25-34 year olds would seek a price reduction of at least £10,000.

A bathroom with an Avocado bathroom suite

Almost three quarters of the UK (75%) think avocado bathroom suites are ugly and three out of four people (71%) say if they bought a new home and it had an avocado bathroom suite, it would be the first thing they’d rip out. But despite this, a fifth of UK homeowners (20%) confess they’ve never updated their bathroom, and around a quarter of the UK (23%) admit to being embarrassed by their outdated bathroom when their friends come over to visit.

Have you got any of the 10 worst offenders?

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