Why Flowers Aren’t The Cliched Gift You’re Led To Believe

There are so many articles and posts out there that give ideas on what gifts you can give people to make a positive impact on them – except most of them bash flowers in the process. ‘Give these gifts instead of flowers’, they say, and yet fail to realize that there’s a reason flowers have made such a popular gift for years.


lady carrying a beautiful bouquet of pink and red flowers


Turns out, flowers aren’t the cliched gift that many think they are. Here’s why!

They Bring Life To A Room

A nice bunch of flowers can bring life to just about any room. Whether you want something to greet guests in the hallway or lighten up your living room, they are going to add something to your decor and bring joy to all who see them. If you think something is missing from a room, chances are, it’s a nice bunch of flowers.

They Have A Positive Effect On A Person’s Brain

Flowers are actually one of the only gifts that can have a genuine, positive effect on a person’s brain. Sure, something ridiculously expensive might make somebody happy on the surface, but is it really having an impact on their brain? Flowers can actually reduce mental health issues like stress and depression, and many people who received flowers as a gift reported having a positive mood that lasted for days.



Selection of bright blooms on a desk with a white porcelain coffee cup

They Give A Sense Of Wellbeing

Studies have shown that for mature people, flowers can give a much greater sense of wellbeing and satisfaction with life. This is why getting your grandma a lovely bunch of blooms has never been a better idea!

There’s Something For Every Budget, Occasion And All Tastes

There really is something for every budget, occasion, and taste when it comes to flowers. You can buy a cheap bunch from the supermarket if you’re running low on funds, or you could look for an interflora discount code for something a little higher quality. There are flowers for weddings, birthdays, ‘thank you’s and so much more.

Flowers Can Make You More Productive

If you send somebody flowers at work, you may just inadvertently help them to get a promotion. Keeping flowers at work can make you happier and more productive, so just think of the effect your gift will have on the receiver when they keep them on their desk!

It’s Good For Your ‘Chi’

You might be wondering what ‘chi’ is; in short, it’s energy. The ancient practice of Feng Shui talks about this a lot. There are many principles to this practice, but one of them is to have flowers in the home to improve positive energy!

Giving Flowers Says Something About You

Don’t forget, giving flowers also says something about you as a person. People who send flowers are viewed as successful, caring, emotionally intelligent people. This goes for both men and women! If you enjoy giving flowers a lot, this might just be the reason why.

So, have you changed your mind about flowers after reading this? Leave a comment and let me know!

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