19 April, 2017

3 Ways The DVLA Can Help You

In the UK, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA, can be your ally when it comes to anything related to driving and vehicles.

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Tens of millions of driving and vehicle accounts are handled by the Agency and they help law enforcers, not only in regulating traffic, but to identify and apprehend traffic violators and other criminal elements.

With the DVLA, the roads of UK are much safer, and you as a driver have somewhere to turn with your motoring and vehicle related queries.

Here are some ways the DVLA can help you:

1. Visit the DVLA in Swansea in person to get your licence

The DVLA is concerned and responsible for anything related to driver and vehicle licensing.

For starters, if you are over 15 years and 9 months old you can get a provisional driver’s license from the DVLA, given that you meet the necessary criteria and you possess the required documentation and identification.

The provisional license is your gate pass to obtain your license. With it, you can enrol for driving lessons and then take the necessary examinations to get your license. Getting tssistance from DVLA will help you obtain your license without the hassle.

Finally, it is also the DVLA who provides you with the license card which allows you to drive anywhere in the country.

As well, by visiting DVLA, you can also register your car or vehicle so you can use it within the United Kingdom. The Agency holds the registration and provides the necessary registration documents.

You may also refer to them any other concerns you may have on your driving record or license such as a change of address, medical conditions that impact your driving capability, and more.

2. Find all the information you need on the DVLA website

Now that the DVLA’s services have been centralised in their head office in Swansea, travelling there in person may not always be possible given work and family commitments, especially for a minor query.

Fortunately, the official DVLA website provides comprehensive information on various matters related to driving, registration, and licensing. You can visit the site and get the information that you need. It provides information on legal obligations, obtaining a license, viewing the license, renewal application processes, towing, and many others. The website alone can already answer many of your questions.

3. Phone their support line

It is always advisable for drivers to keep a list of DVLA phone numbers with them in case of queries, concerns or emergencies. DVLA numbers serve as a support line for drivers and owners of vehicles. By calling them, you can get all the necessary information you need for your license or vehicle. Phone representatives are on standby to assist you.

The DVLA also provides other information related to UK driving including logbooks, VSC, car registration, information about driving with disability and many others. By keeping a list of DVLA contact numbers with you, in your phone and in your car, help, and assistance is just a phone call away. DVLA numbers can also be used by non-drivers and they are always ready to provide information regarding their services.

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