Make More Of Your Space With Kids’ Bean Bags

One of the most popular seating options with children is kids bean bags which not only provide more comfort than a chair but can be shifted around the house with ease – making them the perfect solution for when extra seating is needed at larger family gatherings.

Kids can use bean bags for gaming, playing, chatting, reading or just relaxing after a busy day. They’re great to have when the kids’ friends come over and are a lot of fun heaped together.  These days they come in a range of styles which makes co-ordinating them with kids’ bedrooms and bedding a breeze.

Bean bags can be a lower cost option to flexing your seating arrangements and are also useful to make the most of smaller spaces.

Here are some of my favourites from family run business Children’s Rooms who stock everything you need to fully kit out and personalise children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

Batman VS Superman Beanbag (£21.95)

An incredibly popular film with many little boys, this Batman VS Superman Bean Bag would take pride of place!

Batman v Superman Child's Bean Bag


Blue Cotton Beanbag (£14.95)

A more neutral bean bag to weather the common changes in ‘favourites’, this is a good quality bean bag which, with its plain styling, should give years of service.


Marvel Avengers Bean Cube (£21.95)

Something a little different, this Vibrant Bean Cube features Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor.

Vibrant Bean Cube featuring Marvel superheroes

My Little Pony Bean Bag (£21.95)

Ideal for little girls and a past firm favourite of Caitlin as it features Rainbow Dash.

My Little Pony Bean Bag Featuring Rainbow Dash

Peppa Pig Bean Bean Bag (£14.95)

And another firm favourite with the little ones….

Peppa Pig Bean Bag

Whilst bean bags may not be the best choice for long term seating in terms of posture and back support, there’s no doubt that they can be incredibly useful to have about.

Particularly when you consider the cost of upgrading the family sofa instead!

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