Quick Ways To Upgrade Your Home This Spring

It’s Spring and there’s nothing like the reappearance of sunlight to make everything in your home look a little, well, drab.

All those DIY jobs you’ve been putting off starting to gain an urgency – painting the skirting boards, fixing that leaking tap, repainting, mending curtains. Our list is already quite long – and that’s without including the garden!

But there are some quick ways you can freshen up your space without spending a fortune and add some of those finishing touches that make a house a home.

Here are some ideas you might want to try.

* Repaint – but if you are renting make sure you get permission from your landlord!

* Display family photos – you could create a photo wall or mix and match frames.

* Change the curtains – perhaps ring the changes by swopping to a roller or Venetian blind.

* Create a cosy corner to read in by adding an armchair to your bedroom.

* You can also add character to your bedroom with bedding in different textures, colours and fabrics.

* Hang String lights –  pretty at any time of year. Stuff strings of battery operated lights into glass vases to add a cosy glow to corners and mantle pieces or drape over the kitchen or your bed to add some atmosphere.

* Match soft furnishings – it’s amazing how soft furnishings such as cushions, throws, rugs, lampshades and curtains can brighten a room and complement the interior design of your property. While vibrant colours such as red, green, pink, purple and light blue work well against plain décor, blacks, greys and creams can also look stunning in a minimalist environment.

Once you’ve got an idea of which colours work well together, you can then start getting creative in each room giving each part of your home a different style and twist. You don’t have to spend a fortune. You can make such a difference with soft furnishings such as throws and cushions.

We recently discovered the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, an online retailer of upholstery fabric, where we selected this lovely plush large cushion in a soft shimmering grey – Geneva Luxury Fabric Crushed Velvet Cushion In Silver Colour. It’s a great size and beautifully made.

Caitlin with cushion from Yorkshire Fabric Shop
I suspect Caitlin has laid claim to my new cushion!

Based in West Yorkshire, Yorkshire Fabric Shop has a warehouse full of upholstery fabrics suitable for sofas, chairs, cushions, boats, beds and whatever else you can imagine. They have 1000’s of fabrics rolls in stock and also offer free samples to help you decide on what type or shade of fabric you need before you commit to buy anything. You can also visit their warehouse if you are nearby.

As you can see there is a wealth of fabric choices available.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop fabric options

and we liked the helpful cushion finder.  You can choose from pre-made cushions or select your own fabric and have them handmade.


Yorkshire Fabric Shop cushion finder


I tell the Husband regularly that you can never have too many cushions.  He doesn’t believe this but I am working on him.

Cushions come in 4 sizes – small (28cm x 28cm), medium (43cm x 43cm), rectangle (50cm x 30cm) and large (55cm x 55cm). Prices are around £45 for a small and £65 for a large.

Each cushion has a handmade reversible cover with a zip and a cushion insert filling made from hollow fibre.  You can have up to 6 free fabric samples before you order and you can also buy the same fabric by the metre.

If you want to change the look and feel of your home’s soft furnishings, you’ll definitely find some new ideas to upgrade your home here.

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