What Comes After Baby No. 1?

Making the decision to bring another child into the world is one that is easiest thing in the world for some, but slightly harder for others. It’s quite subjective, and there are a lot of factors which can contribute towards a massive choice.

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It’s said that no children are ever the same, but there are more struggles than this than have to be taken into consideration – relying just on the attitude and behaviours of a baby you’ve never met is not one of the top priorities.


The older you get, the less fertile you are likely to be. More couples are choosing to have babies later on in life, after they have got career-motivations and other vices out of their systems, and are finding it increasingly harder to conceive. There is the option of going to a fertility clinic, and before getting disheartened about the whole process, it’s best to see how good your chances are if you are growing concerned – especially if you have left a bit of a gap between children.


Children are expensive. Ask any parent. It’s not just the clothes and food that you have got to take into consideration, but more so the cost of living as a whole. This includes their childcare, your time off work, the amount of time that you are able to commit to your career and expenses that crop up on a weekly basis. It all adds up – after all, you are bringing up another human! Think about when would be a right time finance-wise to add to your family.

Your Child/Children

There are wants and needs from your first child or children that you are going to have to listen to. It can be a hard time for the baby that you’ve been putting all of your time and attention into to adapt to having someone around to share their attention with. If they are of the age to understand what’s going on, set some quality time aside for them to keep them in the loop and let them know what’s going on. Assure them that they’ll be no less important than they already are.

You and Your Partner

If you are specifically planning to have a baby, there is a good chance that you and your partner are on the same wavelength and have made the decision together. If this isn’t the case, and they found the first round of parenthood a struggle, it’s time to talk. It needs to be something that you’re in together, else you may be facing problems further down the line.

Being a parent is the most wonderful thing in the world, but it can also be the most demanding and stressful thing that you’ll ever do as well. 

More children mean more responsibility, but also offer the opportunity for friendship, personal growth and a bond like no other. Whatever the decision, make sure that it’s the right one for you and enjoy the journey – they grow up so quick!


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  1. Katharine Gailard
    12 January, 2021 / 3:27 pm

    I’m a speaker and annual exhibitor at the Fertility Show in London, regular BBC radio guest, specialised natural fertility coach, reflexologist and emotional coach. Over the last 15 years, I have developed the skills and knowledge that have led me to write the Mama Be programme for natural fertility. We were never taught all we need to know about preconception health and increasing our chances of pregnancy. The 360 whole person approach I take is unique and THE alternative to ivf.

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