Charnos Tights SS17 Collection: Funky Tights That Fit!

These days I rarely depart from my school run uniform of t-shirt, leggings and socks, much to Caitlin’s increasing displeasure, but when I do dress up, it’s usually a dress and either tights or hold-ups.

I often find myself in Marks & Spencer’s hosiery department and rely on their trusty hold-ups because the sizing is generous and the prices reasonable.

Charnos Tights and Hold-Ups from the Spring Summer 2017 collection

I have not, I must confess, ventured towards any other hosiery brand for a long time, generally because I have found the sizing constrictive and the finer the denier, the more likely I am to put my finger through them or scag them on something.

I also have quite long legs which means lots of tights struggle to get past mid-thigh or if they do, are a little tight around the old mum tum.

Charnos Hosiery kindly sent me a selection from their new Spring Summer 2017 Charnos Tights collection to try and I was expecting the usual problems but not a bit of it.

Floral Net Tights in Black
CAEV Floral Net Tights

Not only is the quality excellent but they fitted perfectly (I tried the medium to large size).  They came up to my waist comfortably, the elasticated waistband was generous and I didn’t have to wrestle them over my thighs.

CAGO Floral Tights from the Spring Summer 2017 collection
CAGO Floral Tights

I tried three pairs of their patterned tights, the material of which was quite strong and resilient. There is a cotton gusset, which was a bonus I wasn’t expecting and a reinforced toe to add extra durability. All retail around the £8 – £10 mark per pair.

I was a bit worried that the patterns would be overwhelming but actually they are quite funky without being over the top.

CAGJ Diamond Net Tights in Natural from the Charnos Spring Summer 2017 Collection
CAGJ Diamond Net Tights

I was also sent some of their lovely comfy socks to try which the Husband was very pleased about as he’s always moaning about the fact I wear his.  Having size 8 feet often makes men’s socks a better bet as for some strange reason lots of ladies’ socks only go up to a size 7.

These fitted fine, although they could have been a little bigger for the longer toed among us (I know, I know – feet, don’t you just love them?), but they are lovely and soft and come a decent way up the leg.

CGBH Geo and Stripe Sock in Rose Mix from the Charnos Spring Summer 2017 Collection
CGBH Geo and Stripe Sock in Rose Mix

The range also includes sheer tights, knee highs, spotted and diamond patterns and natural tan tights. I keep promising myself I may actually try a spray tan but haven’t got around to it yet so the latter have been added to my shopping list.  We redheads very rarely go very brown without help.

Would I buy these?  Yes, I would – they’re a great way to add a bit of an edge to a conservative date night dress or perk up your office wear without going over the top.

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