Pocket Money Problems

With so many bills to pay for, it can be a challenge to fund your kids. After all, they always want new toys and tech to add to their collection. And they are always asking for money to be able to go out with their friends. But you might struggle to afford to give them their pocket money.

Here are some ways you can still ensure your little ones do get pocket money.


Try some freelance work

You might struggle to afford pocket money when you have so many things to pay out for. After all, household bills can soon add up. And it can leave you little money to give to your kids for pocket money. Therefore, to help you raise the funds, you might want to do some extra work. After all, doing some freelance work can ensure your kids have a tidy sum to spend in their life.

In fact, you can look online for some work you can fit around your main job to help support your kids. For example, filling out surveys can help you to earn some extra cash from the comfort of your home. And you might even want to start a blog. After all, if you manage to build your audience, you can get sponsored posts which will earn you some money from your blog!

Sell their old items

With new gadgets making an appearance every couple of months, it’s no surprise kids are always wanting to upgrade their devices. After all, kids as young as 11 have a mobile these days. And constantly updating them means they have old items which just end up sitting in a drawer.

But if you want to raise funds for their pocket money, you should consider selling these old items. After all, if they have a mobile or a tablet which is still in good nick, you might be able to get a few hundred for the item. And even if it’s broken, there are some sites out there like OnRecycle who will give you money for the item.

That way, you can put it in your child’s pocket money pot. And you could always try and find a buyer online. After all, there are lots of parents out there who will be willing to splash the cash for the item!

Look at small jobs for them

Of course, your child might be too young to go and find a part-time job to help earn their pocket money! But there are some small opportunities which will help them raise some money for their pocket money funds.

For example, going to water next door’s plants could help them pocket a few extra coins every week. Or even walking an elderly neighbour’s dog could help them to earn some extra money. Even feeding the pooch or cat while the neighbour is away could be a good opportunity for them. And they might want to do some form of a bake sale or even a lemonade stand to earn some money.

After all, it can teach them leadership and responsibility while earning them some money at the same time.


And be careful not to give them too much pocket money. Average kids in the UK get £6.55 a week which can be a lot for a family to afford!

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