Review: Zookiez & Wobbleez – Soft & Cute Play Pets With A Twist

Lots of Caitlin’s and Ieuan’s friends have pets and, loving mother that I am, I have discovered a fuss-free solution that involves no vets bills.

Zookiez and Wobbleez from Sinco Toys are two ranges of plush, cuddly toy animals which will delight anyone from age 3 to 103.

Zookiez are toy pets which can be slapped on to your wrist and they will hold on tight with their furry paws.  Because their paws will grip, they can be carried about on your arm or even attached to a backpack or school bag.

There are 6 Zookiez to collect, 2 cats, 2 dogs, a bear and, Ieuan’s new friend, a panda.

Collage of Ieuan Hobbis demonstrating the Zookiez Panda

Panda is lovely and soft and retails around the £10 mark.

Wobbleez is a range of pets who magically walk when you pull their lead – all without batteries. There’s 3 to collect, a Golden Retriever, a Dalmation and a Shepherd Dog.

They have specially adapted paws which rock gently when you pull the toy along giving the illusion that your pet is walking.  You do have to pull gently though – if you pull too hard, your wobbleez will fall over.

We have not taken our Wobbleez dog outside as he is clearly designed for indoor use.

Again, this was a good quality toy with a very plush feel and Caitlin has named hers Apricot.  Ieuan being Ieuan has named his panda, Panda.  Wobbleez retail around the £20 mark.

Caitlin Hobbis with her Wobbleez Shepherd Dog toy

The dog’s lead comes in three parts which you simply clip together and attach to a loop already round the neck of the toy.  It clips on quite securely and even with quite some tugging didn’t come off when we got the dog walking.

Wobbleez toys are recommended for the 3’s and over up to about 10 although I found them pretty cute myself.

Here’s the last word from Caitlin.

You can find Zookiez and Wobbleez toys at major toy stockists and on Amazon.

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