Review: Thumb Chucks – The Anti-Stress Toy

Fidget toys are everywhere and whilst my two love their Fidget Spinners, they have discovered an equally fun alternative – Thumb Chucks. Anyone who has taken their kids to a doctor or dentist’s appointment and tried to keep them occupied will welcome these as an alternative to fighting over your phone or lugging iPads with you!

Fidget toys were apparently first designed for children with autism to help them develop fine motor skills. Recently kids (and grown-ups) have been starting to use them with claims being made that they promote focus and concentration, thereby reducing stress.

Those of us who worked in offices in the ’80s will remember the appearance of stress balls which were less interactive but arguably achieved the same thing.

Thumb Chucks are a little different from Fidget Spinners.  For a start, they light up and they are tipped to be the new yo-yo with a number of different techniques and tricks you can learn.

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They are easy to carry and Zing Toys, who make these, suggest they are suitable for “festivals, going out, killing time on the tube, hanging out, waiting for friends and challenging your mates to the latest tricks”  You can certainly do more with them than just watch them spin.

Thumb Chucks – Control the Roll!

Whilst the tricks are easy to learn though, they are quite challenging to master. When you have mastered each trick you can uploading your videos online to unlock new coloured, interchangeable belts that players can use to flaunt their skill status.

Players upload and showcase tricks with special effects on social media with the Thumb Chucks App and watch new trick tutorials by the Thumb Chucks guru online.

Whilst Caitlin and Ieuan don’t have too much patience for complicated tricks,  they did like Thumb Chucks.  Here’s their take on both Thumb Chucks and Fidget Spinners.

We thought these a worthy addition to any collection of fidget toys, although my kids’ allegiance is still to the original fidget spinner.

Thumb Chucks Anti-Stress Toys are available from toy shops, retailers and stores online and are recommended for age 5+.

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