Five Reasons Why City Breaks Make Great Family Holidays

Many families stay away from the idea of a city break, thinking that they’ll be too overwhelming for the kids, or that there simply won’t be enough to do, but this is far from the case. City holidays provide a completely different experience to a beach or activity holiday, and it’s one that no member of the family should miss out on.

Eiffel Tower, Paris photographed from Trocadero
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Here are just a few reasons why you should consider it the next time you come to book your family getaway…

Experiencing different cultures

Let’s not forget that one of the main reasons we go abroad is to experience a new culture. We want to sample local delicacies and learn a little of the lingo. Arguably you have a greater opportunity to do this when you visit a city. Whilst you might meet a few locals on a beach holiday, these types of vacation tend to mainly cater to tourists.

When you visit a city, who knows what museum you might stumble upon, who you might meet or which new dishes you might try. It’s a far more fluid experience, perfect for adventurers.

Making education fun

Speaking of trying new cultures, let’s not forget that opting for a city break opens up a whole new world for your children, and it’s your chance to show them a little more of the wide world they’re yet to experience. Taking them to a museum in London, an opera in Rome or a modern art exhibition in Vienna is a great way of helping them to learn in a fun and engaging way.

The Trevi Fountain in Rome

Location is important

From a practical perspective, booking a city break often enables you to pack more into your stay, simply because of the location. Most attractions will be in walking distance of one another, making things a lot easier when it comes to day-trip planning. Plus, because of the nature of a city, you’ll easily find restaurants and cafes for you to stop and grab a bite to eat, which isn’t the case with remote resorts.

Public Transport Will Save Your Money

Speaking of proximity, transport systems are often far better in cities than they are further out towards quiet coastal regions. Not only does this save you money in taxis every time you want to go somewhere, but it means you can book certain journeys (such as those on trains and coaches) well in advance of your trip to get the best rates.

Bicycles in Amsterdam
Image credit: Bicycles in Amsterdam.

Cities to suit all budgets

While it might be true that cities will cost more than sleepy little towns, they won’t be that much more than port or coastal areas close to the sea, where land is at a premium. Plus, you aren’t confined to activities by the coast which could be pricey, such as water sports. Many museums, galleries, parks and so on are cheap if not free, so you’ll be able to find plenty to do within your price bracket.

Are you heading on a city break this summer? Let me know where in the comments…

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