How Risk Free Matched Betting Can Change Your Life Financially For The Better!

Everywhere you turn at the moment people are talking about how you can make money with risk-free matched betting and how you can make some tax free cash.  It’s a useful skill to have during weeks such as Royal Ascot or during Wimbledon or the football season but it can be done all year round.

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Am I suggesting gambling away the family budget?  Absolutely not.  Nobody is more risk-averse than I am and this is a way of building a nest egg for larger purchases, holidays or to stuff in the kids’ university fund.  (God only knows what will have happened to tuition fees by the time Caitlin and Ieuan reach 18)!

But what is matched betting and how do you start?  Over to Jon from The Money Shed in this week’s guest post.

Money seems to always be tight when you are a parent. It doesn’t matter what age your child might be from 8 months to 18 years there will be times when you dread them coming home with yet another letter from the school wanting money from you. Heck, not even music lessons are free anymore at school like they used to be. There’s no doubt that being a parent is more expensive than ever before right now!

Of course, it doesn’t have to be like this and luckily there is a great way to earn money online both RISK-FREE and TAX-FREE (meaning you don’t even need to register as self-employed!) which is the infamous risk-free matched betting.

Now before you zone out either because you think it’s ‘betting’ in the traditional sense or you just don’t have an interest in sports let me tell you – THIS IS ALL ABOUT MATH!

There is no traditional betting and certainly NO RISK!

Just before we get going I better explain that I actually run the UK’s Largest Community Website dedicated to earning money from home in the UK, The Money Shed. The site has a forum with over 4500 UK users and nearly 100,000 posts with 100s of people on there also doing matched betting and earning a fortune from it so I like to think I know what I am talking about when showing people how to earn money from home!

Risk-Free Matched Betting is just a case of doing the same math equation over and over and over again. Don’t worry because everything is taken care of for you so it’s just a case of you copy and pasting some numbers and that’s it!

Example of a matched betting calculator

If you’ve never come across it before here is a very brief example of how risk-free matched betting works.

A bookie runs an offer that is ‘Bet £10 and get a £20 free bet!’

We would place a £10 bet on say England to beat Germany and then ‘lay it off’ at an Exchange such as Betfair. ‘Laying it off’ means you are betting on a team doing anything BUT winning.

So no matter now if England wins or not we don’t make any money or lose any money BUT we get access to the £20 free bet.

When we then follow the exact same process again choosing a different football match except this time we are using the free bet and this is where we make our GUARANTEED MONEY!

Now don’t worry if even THAT sounds complicated because I can help you right here!

There is a fantastic company called Profit Accumulator which offer a Matched Betting
service. What this entails is giving you access to all the offers available and some amazing tools for you to earn even more money when you place your bets but the BIGGEST plus is that they have some AMAZING training tools.

They offer extremely easy to follow videos showing you exactly what to do as you do each offer on their site. In the ‘Signup offers’ section alone there is £1000 worth of offers for you to go through!

Once you’ve clicked through to Profit Accumulator you will see there is a great free trial for you to do which will make you around £45 risk-free and show you how easy matched betting is to do!

After that, it costs £17.99 a month but obviously, that cost becomes irrelevant when you may be making £1000 a month from this. You save loads of time since Profit Accumulator does all the hunting for you in terms of finding the offers and basically spoon feeds them to you with very simple instructions so you can make guaranteed money from each and every one!

I can’t stress just how much matched betting has changed my life for the better. You only need around £50 to start and won’t have to put any money of your own money in it again, EVER!

It takes just a few minutes to do each day and you can do this LONG TERM!  I wrote about
it on my blog the other week showing how I’ve made over £25,000 from it in just over 18 months and there is nothing stopping anyone reading this from doing the same!

So next time you are wishing you had money for something, stop wishing and start doing some risk-free matched betting as THOUSANDS of others are and are MUCH happier in every sense of the word for it!

Thanks to Jon for a fascinating insight into the world of matched betting.  Find out more on his website and check it out for yourself.

I have tried matched betting myself and with practice, you can certainly make some extra cash from it. In my experience, how much you make depends on how much time and effort you are prepared to invest – like most things in life.  Do your research and proceed wisely.


  1. Sean Nicholson
    19 June, 2018 / 8:34 pm

    I think it is also worth reading the ASA ruling on PA before accepting these claims. Are you affiliated to Profit Accumulator?

    • linda
      19 June, 2018 / 9:37 pm

      No I am not affiliated to any matched betting company and this is a guest post.

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