How To Help Your Dog Cope With The Heat

We’ve been blessed with a mini heat wave and whilst most of us know what to do to cope with the rising temperatures, we need to remember to help our pets. Do you know how to keep your pet cool?

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Every summer there are reports of dogs who die because their owners thoughtlessly left them in cars in the heat of the day.

We don’t yet have a dog but the kids are campaigning heavily. And if we do take in a new furry friend, I’ll certainly be mindful of the useful advice below when it comes to taking care of Fido in the heat.

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6 Ways To Protect Your Dog From Summer Heat And Heatstroke

Useful advice includes keeping walks to a minimum and giving your dog a lightweight summer haircut to prevent overheating.  Don’t forget that animals suffer sunburn too.

5 Ways To Protect Your Dogs From The Heat This Summer –

Did you know that dogs do not have sweat glands on their skin so they lower their body temperature by drinking plenty of water. When they are allowed to lie down and play in water, they get some relief from the heat.

And do you know how to protect your dog’s paws – particularly if he’s a puppy?

How Hot Is Too Hot For Dogs? –

Have you ever wondered how hot is too hot in your home for your dog? This post might have the answer, along with lots of other great doggy-related advice.

10 Neat DIY Ways To Help Your Dog Beat The Heat –

A collection of cool tips you can try at home – for example #4 Mini Pool – don’t splash out on an expensive doggy pool – you can use a kiddie pool for your dog to cool off in.

To stop them slipping, simply add some non-slip bathroom decals to the bottom of the pool. Cheap, cheerful and effective for your pet.

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Dog Tips For The

Common sense advice including this on the subject of leaving dogs in cars:-

“Never leave your dog in the car on even just a slightly warm day. Leaving the window open a few inches for them, parking in the shade, or leaving them a bowl of water in the car is NOT adequate. A dog left in a car on a hot or even warm day can suffer heat stress and ultimately fatal heat stroke within just 10 minutes.

The temperature inside the car might not seem excessive when you first stop but the temperature inside a stationary car can rapidly increase to double the outside temperature – phew. This can happen very quickly, within six to ten minutes.

If you come across a dog that has been left in the car on a warm day, call the Police. They will be able to take appropriate action, if necessary breaking into the car to release the dog.”

If you want to help your dog stay calm in the heat, you could also try a special doggy treat for your pooch like CBD dog treats.

Helping Your Dog Beat The Heat This

This advice comes from an Australian website and they are surely better at coping with the heat than we are here in the UK! They explain how to spot when your dog may be in distress due to the heat – for example vomiting, drooling, heaving panting, diarrhea or seizures.

Even if you think your pet has only suffered a mild case of heatstroke, the internal damage can be lasting so you should always take your dog to the vet for a check up.

What do you do to help your pet keep cool?

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