Travel Inspiration: USA West Coast Wonders

Given the vastness of the United States, figuring out where you should travel to can be a long and arduous process. There’s just so much to choose from! There’s the brisk coast of the north-east states, the balmy heat of the Florida panhandle, or the charms of the deep south.

But what about the west coast?

Sometimes, focusing your thoughts on a specific area can really help to zero in on what it is you truly want to see. The West Coast is well worth investigating because there’s everything you could possibly want here, from the heat of southern California to the wild, rugged wetlands of Washington.

Of course, California is the dominant state when it comes to tourism along the west coast. It’s fair to say you probably know what’s on offer in the Golden State, so, instead, why not consider those areas that make the west coast special outside of its most famous state.

OREGON: Portland


Portland is one of those cities that many of us have heard of, but don’t truly know much about. It prides itself on its alternative culture and is welcoming of anyone who cares to stay awhile – making it a perfect spot for a summer break.

You will never be short of things to do in Portland, as this post shows. If you fancy travelling outside of the city itself, a road trip of roughly 50 miles will take you to the Pacific coast. You could take a day trip there and include a pit stop at the Tillamook Forest Center; perfect to add a little nature to your trip.



Seattle might not be the capital city of Washington, but it’s definitely the one that has the strongest place in pop culture and awareness. TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Frasier based their storylines here; it even played host to the divisive Twilight novels.

As one would expect, there’s plenty to see and do in Seattle. First and foremost, there’s the well-known Space Needle. If you’re feeling daring, you could walk along the exterior structure of this famous landmark – with a harness of course!

If the infamous Seattle weather means you would rather spend your time indoors, then there’s plenty to do here too.

OREGON: Joseph


Joseph is a town rich with Native American history, which can provide a unique insight into the history of life on the western side. The main area itself is surrounded by more hiking trails than you could possibly tackle on a single holiday.

There’s a little something for art lovers, too. You will find sculptures by the likes of Steve Parks dotted around the town, often cast in bronze. So there’s history, art, and hiking trails to tempt you into a busy day on the hills – perfect!



Finally, if the hiking trails of Joseph aren’t quite enough for you, the stunningly picturesque town of Lake Chelan has all the adventure sports you could possibly want. You can enjoy the lake itself with windsurfing and kayaking; which, as this article makes clear, is hugely beneficial for a variety of reasons. Alternatively, you could head for the hills to explore the trails on foot or on a bicycle.

Whichever option you choose, it’s clear: the west coast has so much more to offer than California alone.

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