22 June, 2017

Win Summertime Natural Healthcare Essentials From Indigo Herbs of Glastonbury

There are lots of common health conditions that can pop up unwanted and ruin your summer fun, but from sunburn, to tummy bugs, skin irritations and travel sickness, Mother Nature has a cure for everything.

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Taking a natural approach to your health during the summer means you can reduced unwanted side effects, feel empowered and treat your body and your environment with the gentle kindness it deserves. 

I’ve recently discovered Indigo Herbs, based in one of my favourite places, Glastonbury. They offer a wide range of premium quality nutritionally rich organic superfoods, herbal powders, aromatherapy oils and loose herbal teas – all ethically and sustainably sourced.

Here are just some of their products worth adding to your summer medicine chest – and read on because you can win the lot, worth over £25.

Organic Spirulina Tablets x 100 £4.99 – COMPLETE MULTI VITAMIN & MINERAL ALL ROUNDER

Blue-green edible algae Spirulina is packed with complete nutrition covering all the essential amino acids, all the B vitamins and anti-oxidants and it is also detoxifying. These tablets can work wonders to prevent ill health along your travels and keep you on top form. They are also great for lining the digestive tract and alkalising the whole system so are also helpful at guarding against holiday tummy.

Organic Coconut Oil 500ml £7.99 – SUMMER SKIN & HAIR CARE 

This 100% pure cold pressed oil is not only the best oil to cook with in the kitchen but it’s also a precious ingredient for hair and skin care. It’s naturally anti-bacterial so can aid the healing of any skin sore or wound. It can also be very protective against sun damage for the hair and skin, and it has achieved popularity as an oral hygiene agent by the method of oil pulling. It’s well worth having a jar of this around to take care of your natural health needs. 

Tea Tree Oil 10ml £3.99 – ANTI-BACTERIAL 

This essential oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and this makes it a No 1 first aid kit must have. It can be used in place of an anti-bacterial agent for cuts, sores, fungal infections and more. Can be used when needed.

Lavender Oil 10ml £4.99 – HEALING SUNBURN 

This essential oil is a No 1 healer for burns, including sunburn. It is also extremely calming and can aid a good night’s sleep or help control anxiety. Again this little oil is a must for the first aid kit. Can be used when needed.

Peppermint Oil 10ml £4.49 – CALMING TO NAUSEA 

This essential oil is very good for calming nausea and indigestion. It can be used to relieve travel sickness. A third must have for the first aid kit both at home and when travelling. Can be used when needed.

You can find more on the Indigo Herbs website where you’ll find a natural health guide, healthy recipes and even a directory of alternative therapy practitioners.

Indigo Herbs Summer Healthcare Essentials giveaway bundle
Indigo Herbs Summer Healthcare Essentials Prize Bundle

Entry to the giveaway is via the Rafflecopter widget and the usual terms and conditions apply, which you can find on my competitions page.  UK entrants only.  

The giveaway ends at 11:59 pm on Sunday 16th July.

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Good luck!

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