20 July, 2017

5 Quick Tips For Health In A Rush

Do you worry that you don’t have much spare time to look after your health? Well, you can get some comfort knowing that you don’t have to have heaps of spare time in order to be healthy. In fact, the following quick tips can help you drastically improve your health even if you are always busy rushing around!


Take Some Home Tests

When you have a packed schedule, you might find it hard to book a doctor’s appointment. You needn’t worry about that anymore, though, not now you can carry out some home tests at home. All you need to do is order one online and wait for it to arrive. You can get a range of tests, such as a thyroid check or blood test. You take the test, pop your sample in the envelope, and then send it off to the lab. After a day or two, you should have your results. That’s much faster than waiting to see your doctor!

Batch Cook Healthy Meals At The Weekend

Do you find that you eat too many ready meals and other convenience foods because you just don’t have the time or energy to cook? There is one way around that. You need to start batch cooking at the weekends! Batch cooking just means making a big batch of food – it could be a large chili con carne or lasagne. You then just portion it up into meals that you can use throughout the week. Then, if you get back late from the office one night, you just need to reheat one portion of the meal.

Drink Smart

When you are constantly on the go, it is important that you stay as hydrated as possible. This can keep your energy levels high and your mind active. So, it’s a good idea to always carry a bottle of water with you in your handbag. If you would rather not drink out of plastic bottles, there are lots of metal alternatives that can be refilled. See if you can go a week with swapping your coffee for water – you will feel much better once all the caffeine has been flushed out of your system!



Even though there are Buddhist monks out there who can meditate for hours at a time, you only need ten minutes for your daily session. So, you will be able to squeeze in some meditation no matter how busy you are! If you have never meditated below, there are now lots of apps that can help you get a good introduction. Lots of people swear by Head Space, so why not give it a go?!

Get An Early Night

Not getting enough sleep can cause a lot of health issues. For this reason, it’s important you aim to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. Once you start getting enough, you will find that you can enjoy higher energy levels and much better concentration and focus!

There you have it – health doesn’t have to take a long time!

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