Aren’t We All Just Looking For A Sign? – The Blogger Challenge

Procrastinators of the world – and I’m including myself in their number – will do anything to avoid taking action.

In fact, I believe procrastinators are almost wholly responsible for the ever increasing global sales of coffee.

Caitlin's designed a sign specially for me

Got something you have to do?  Better put the kettle on and have a darn good think first.

I’ve lost count of the number of tender documents, presentations, powerpoint slides (the very axis of evil) and marketing projects which have been started and then lapsed into the ether like an X Factor winner.

Now this is understandable and possibly excusable in a work situation but when you’re a parent the opportunity cost of all that time you waste is huge – and hugely expensive.

Oh, not in terms of money but in terms of watching your little ‘uns grow, develop, learn and explore the world while you faff about with post-it notes and hunt for a pink highlighter to mark up your latest content planner.

It’s the summer holidays and even as I sit here typing I am listening to Caitlin and Ieuan playing some (mildly destructive) game downstairs.  There is much laughing and giggling and it is always fascinating to observe the relationship between siblings in which we mothers play no part.

Sometimes, in the absence of parental attention, Caitlin and Ieuan are their own world – mysterious, capricious and never still.

Almost on a daily basis I tell myself I will get myself organised and prioritise family time.  I will take them to one of the places on the ever-growing family bucket list.

I’m stopped by a lack of energy and, if I’m honest, a lack of confidence.  How, at 53 years old, the thought of taking the kids an hour and a half away to somewhere like Clearwell Caves, or Dan yr Ogof (I’m big on caves at the moment), can fill me with dread I’m not sure.

Perhaps it’s some peri-menopausal, hormonal backlash or too many carbs. Whatever.

I’m sure many of us wish that something, somewhere would give us the impetus to get our priorities straight, to finally work out how to balance our own needs with the needs of our children.

You can blame your work ethic, modern life, the Tories, Brexit, Donald Trump or your addiction to social media (why did nobody warn you?).

But aren’t we all just looking for a sign?

It doesn’t really matter what it says.  We all just need an existential prod from above – whether that’s our god or guardian angel or even the nagging of our own parents.

The problem is life continues while we keep searching for this sign.  Sometimes life takes matters into its own hands – an accident, a health scare, redundancy.  Like a bolt out of the blue, our ability to choose to prioritise our time is gone in an instant.

So here’s my sign.

It’s short, to the point and needs to be placed on the bathroom mirror, on the kitchen wall, on the toilet door and plastered large as a screen-saver on all my gadgets.

It can be any colour, any size, any shape but this is all it needs to say.


 “This post is an entry into the #MyCustomSign blogger challenge”

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