Encouraging Your Kids To Travel Could Be One Of The Best Things You Do For Them

We all want the best for our kids. We want them to get the best education, to have their pick of jobs, and to live incredible lives. But have you considered that you should be encouraging your children not only to do well in school but to travel?

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Encouraging your kids to travel could be one of the best things you ever do for them. It can be scary, picturing them in a foreign country far away, maybe even on their own. However, there are so many ways it could help them to learn and grow as people. When your child is old enough, encouraging them to explore could mean the following things:

They Experience Different Cultures And Walks Of Life

When you encourage your kids to travel, they will experience different cultures and walks of life. This will change the way they relate to the world and other people as a result. They’ll become more accepting, and see the world with a much wider view. They should often be able to see the bigger picture and develop an appreciation for people and things that are different to what they know.

It Looks Great On A CV

There’s no denying that extensive experience with travel can look great on a CV. If you encourage your child to travel, make sure you also encourage them to do CV-worthy things too, such as volunteer at homeless shelters and schools. They can still explore and have lots of fun while doing this, and they don’t have to spend the entire time doing it. They may even be able to get some paid work if they’re lucky!

Develops Important Life Skills, Such As Independence

Travelling will not only enable your children to take on new challenges; it’ll help them to develop important life skills, such as independence. Sure, you can book homestay accommodation for them; just make sure you don’t hold their hand too much. Encourage them to do their own research and be as independent as possible. This will only ever be a good thing for all of their future endeavours.

Push Their Educational Horizons

On top of all of the things above, seeing amazing things for themselves will push their educational horizons. For example, your child may not have an immediate interest in architecture, but all that could change when they see some famous historical structures for themselves, up close. They may develop new interests, passions, and appreciations for all kinds of things.

Will you encourage your kids to travel when they’re old enough? It really could be one of the best things you do for them! Not only that, there’s only usually one time in a person’s life they have the opportunity to do this kind of thing before their own kids and jobs get in the way.

If you want to start them off early, make sure you take lots of trips with them while they’re young, helping them to develop an open mind and appreciation for different cultures. Have fun with it!


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  1. Carrie Wootten
    4 August, 2017 / 6:40 pm

    Couldn’t agree with this more!

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