How To Order A Beer & Pizza In 15 Different Languages

The Husband travels a lot but like many Brits, his knowledge of other languages is rather spartan. He does know lots of languages but these are entirely code-based and don’t make for a riveting evening out.  They are also not the remotest help in restaurants abroad unless the owners need a router reconfigured.

So I figure this handy infographic might help.

Here’s how you order a beer, a pizza, a coffee and a taxi in 15 different languages.

I imagine there are one or two other phrases it might be worth knowing if you’re a parent, for example “where is the nearest toilet?” and “get me to A&E, Ieuan’s headbutted the pavement again”.

Or, possibly, “no, I am really not in the mood to discuss BREXIT”.

How To Order A Beer / Pizza / Taxi / Coffee In 15 Different Languages Around The World – An infographic by the team at SilverDoor Apartments

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