15 July, 2017

Is It Time You Went On A Health Drive?

As the summer holidays approach at lightning speed, it’s common to pay your health a little more attention than usual. For some reason, we tend to be more interested in healthy living when it’s bright and sunny outside. 

Whether you’re keen to look and feel better on the beach or you’ve decided it’s time to put your health first, here are some positive steps you can take this summer.

Exercise more

When the days are long, and it’s not raining cats and dogs, it’s a lot easier to get motivated about exercise than it is on dismal, dull winter days. If you want to be more active and shape up, now is a great time to get into the swing of things, find activities you enjoy, and build up your fitness. 

People tend to have a negative perception of exercise and assume that it involves enduring painful sessions in the gym, but there are myriad different sports and classes you can try. Take some friends along to Zumba, start going for a swim every other day, go jogging or join a local tennis club. 

Exercising isn’t just good for your body. As well as improving your circulation, increasing your strength and endurance and reducing the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, being active will also boost your energy levels, help you sleep and make you feel happier. 

If you have kids, encourage them to get on board too. Go for bike rides at the weekend or take a cricket set to the park. Mess around in the garden with a football or a frisbee or try something new as a family like climbing or canoeing.

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Banish any niggling doubts

If you’ve been suffering from symptoms, feeling out of sorts or struggling with an old injury, it’s time to stop burying your head in the sand and hoping it will go away. 

Many of us are reluctant to seek help when we don’t feel 100 percent. It’s best to nip any problems in the bud, so call your local surgery or use a service like GP at Hand online and speak to a doctor. 

There’s nothing to be afraid of. Your doctor will ask you some simple questions, and they may recommend tests to rule out underlying issues. If you do need to have treatment, the sooner you start, the better. 

If you’ve been hobbling around or you’ve been feeling anxious, starting treatment will set you on the right track. 

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Set goals

If you’re on a health kick, think about what you want to achieve, and set some goals. Do you want to give up smoking? Do you want to learn to dance? Do you dream of being a certain weight or fitting into a dress you used to love wearing? Are you keen to bring your BMI or your blood pressure down? Do you want to complete a 10k run for charity? 

Whatever your inspiration, setting goals is a great thing to do. If you’ve got targets in mind, they can motivate you and make you work that little bit harder. 

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If you’re worried about your health or you’re eager to enjoy better health, now is the time to make some changes! Even simple alterations can make all the difference. Good luck!

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