Try Tennis For Free This National Great British Tennis Weekend 22-23 July

Wimbledon may be over but there’s no chance of rain stopping play now that Caitlin and Ieuan have found a sport they can actually play together.

woman playing tennis on court
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Ieuan’s never been keen on taking up ballet and Caitlin is too worried about the possibility of being hit during Tae Kwon-do but, they have recent discovered tennis and have been playing out in the garden in relative harmony.

Those of us parents facing 6 weeks of full-scale sibling rivalry when school ends this Friday are very appreciative of the prospect of some peace, I can tell you.

And there are some pretty good reasons to encourage our youngsters to take up the sport, not least because we Brits are very proud of our tennis champions and we all know the importance of starting kids young.

Caitlin balancing a tennis ball on her racquet
Look at that concentration – and yes, that court is a bit, um, overgrown

Here’s ten very good reasons to play tennis, courtesy of Tennis Wales who are organising the Welsh version of the National #GoHitIt campaign to encourage as many of us as possible to pick up a racquet and practise our serve.

1. Tennis may help you to live a longer life – scientists and doctors say tennis is one of the healthiest activities that you can participate in.  The overall physical, mental and emotional gains it delivers could add years to your life.

2. It can make you happier – tennis engages the mind and body at the same time. Tennis players are more confident, healthier, less stressed and more socially interactive.

3. You’ll make friends.  Tennis encourages interaction and communication.  Especially if you’re playing doubles with a partner.

4. The whole family can join in – no matter what your age, ability or fitness level, tennis is great for bringing the family together. Few other sports can offer the opportunities for families that tennis can.

Caitlin practising her serve
I’m not going to tell her that’s backwards as I’ll stand more chance of winning.

5. Tennis teaches life lessons – players, particularly youngsters, develop a work ethic, learn sportsmanship, how to manage mistakes, enhance their discipline, learn to compete and learn teamwork.

6. Tennis can be anything you want it to be – competition, social play, a good workout or time with family or friends.

7. Tennis is fun – whether at entry level, for the under 10s or the senior leagues all players have fun while getting a workout at the same time.

8. It develops your mind.  Tennis requires alertness, tactical thinking and problem solving.  Evidence suggests it may generate new connections between nerves, promoting a lifetime of continued development of the brain.

Ieuan practising his serve
Not totally sure about Ieuan’s co-ordination to be honest …

9. It builds fitness – the constant movement and action in tennis will burn calories, build muscle, increase bone strength, improve flexibility, fine-tune coordination and enhance overall health and fitness.

10.  Tennis is a sport you can play your whole life – you can play throughout your lifetime from the earliest ages to your later years.

And from the point of view of teaching our kids sportsmanship, then tennis is a great way to teach them both competitiveness AND how to deal with defeat graciously (NOT McEnroe style).

If you want to join in with #GoHitIt, you can find your nearest participating court at

And this weekend (22 – 23 July) is the perfect opportunity to hit your local tennis court (or playing field or garden!) because it’s the National Great British Tennis Weekend where selected venues will be offering free tennis for everyone, regardless of age, ability or fitness level.

To find your nearest participating court visit

Ieuan balancing a tennis ball on a tennis racquet
That’s more like it.

Tennis Wales are also hosting Tennis Tuesdays to encourage more female tennis players back into the game.  The sessions as specifically geared towards women who used to play and want to return to the game.  There is also a Nike rewards programme attached to session attendance.

Find your nearest participating court at

If you are looking for a local league to get involved with to hone your competitive streak and make some new friends, then go to

Enjoy your tennis!

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