Tips To Get Your Home Sparkling Now The Kids Are Back At School

I have to be quite honest and say that our domestic arrangements have gone slightly awry since the kids broke up from school in July.

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Bed times have become later and we’ve been surfacing later too.  And let’s not talk about the number of pizza boxes I’ve recycled.

If you’re anything like me (i.e. a parent, tired and subject to unprecedented levels of ‘grump’), I doubt you’re in the mood to channel Martha Stewart (or even Kim Woodburn – clean that mess up luvvy pleeeease) so here are a few home cleaning hacks from my fellow bloggers.

No time for a full on cleaning assault?  Try these.

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Baby wipes are not just for babies

Beth at recommends using baby wipes for everything.  For example you can use them to:-

  • wipe dust off house plants
  • dust surfaces – particularly dusty cistern tops, dodgy taps and sinks
  • clean ick off your leather sofa, jacket or handbag
  • use them to remove stains off loads of things – have little hands been drawing on the walls? Is there something indescribable on the carpet? Give a baby wipe a try.
  • remove greasy finger marks off light switches and windows

Soak while the pan is still hot

Victoria at suggests tackling the mound of dirty dishes in the sink a bit quicker – even if you have a dishwasher. As soon as you’ve finished with a pan/tray, leave it in hot soapy water to soak or even better, rinse out. This will save lots of scrubbing trying to get dried stuck on food.

If you’re really stuck a drop of biological washing liquid left to soak works a treat too – just make sure you clean the pan really thoroughly before reuse.

Swab down with liquid soap

Rachel at The Daisy Pages, a blog dedicated to simple living, recommends Dr. Bronner’s Organic Liquid Soap. She suggests diluting it 5:1 for handwashing and cleaning. It cleans windows, mirrors, work tops, showers, cooker tops etc and smells lovely. There’s no nasties and it has a million other uses too. Plus it saves having a multitude of bottles in your cupboards. A bottle lasts ages and there are different fragrances to choose from.

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Or sprinkle the baking soda

Kate from How To Rock At Parenting (a blog about managing motherhood madness) says it’s amazing what a bit of baking soda can achieve. From cleaning tarnished silver to getting rid of caked-in dirt on dishes and polishing the grout between tiles, it’s her best friend!

Give up and hire a cleaner

If you work at home, like I do, it’s worth considering the money you are potentially losing when you’re cleaning, instead of creating great content, working on your newsletter or revamping your household budget so you can actually afford Christmas.

Many of us won’t hire a cleaner because we feel it’s indulgent and many of us who DO hire a cleaner still clean the house before the professionals turn up in case they are horrified by the mess (go figure!).

Not only this but finding a great cleaner is not always easy.  Personal recommendation is the tried and tested route but it can take ages to find the right person.

If you want to compare cleaning companies quickly, a new cleaning company comparison site, Service Octopus allows you to quickly find the best price based on factors such as the size of your property, the number of rooms and your postcode area.

Service Octopus currently offers comparisons for deep cleaning, carpet cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning.  This is a great idea because most of us would struggle to source just one or two cleaning companies in our area.

I don’t have a cleaner at present but I am rapidly coming around to the view that, whether you’re a working mum or are running a business from your home, it’s a valid investment – and not a luxury.

Would you hire a cleaner?  Have you any great home cleaning hacks to share?


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