How To Know Whether You are Arranging Your Furniture All Wrong

Tired of having a room that isn’t practical? Have no idea where you’re going wrong with your design? The likelihood is if your room isn’t working for you, and your furniture looks out of place, you are arranging your furniture all wrong.

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While there is no set-in-stone way to arrange your rooms, there are many ways to optimise the space to better suit your needs and make spending time in a room much more enjoyable.

A simple adjustment to your conservatory sofas, moving your dining room table to the opposite side of the room or inching your favourite pictures to the left or right, is often all that’s needed to transform your living space.

To help you identify where you’re going wrong with your room design, check out our list of some of the most important factors for optimising space and the best ways of arranging your furniture to create a room that works for you.

There are a few key things to keep in mind which will help you get the feng shui that your living space deserves.

Arranging your furniture to maximise your space

Find Your Focal Point

The focal point is the part of your room that you want attention to instantly drawn to, whether that’s the windows, TV, or fireplace. To create a room with the wow factor, build your design and arrange your furniture around the focal point. This ensures that whatever your chosen focal point may be, it is the first thing noticed when entering a room. This is also extremely practical in making sure that your room is better catered to its primary purpose.

Work with Your Wall Space

The walls of a room are often left forgotten when it comes to furniture placement. If you can’t move because a shelf is in the way or if a mirror reflects light into your eyes, no matter how the rest of your furniture’s placed, the room design isn’t going to work. Re-arrange your furniture to consider what’s hanging on the walls, whether that’s a wall-mounted TV or favourite family photos that you want to be seen.

Work with the Space You Have

Some of the biggest room problems occur begin when the size of the room isn’t accounted for when the furniture is being placed. Small rooms need careful furniture placement to ensure the room doesn’t look too cluttered. In contrast, large rooms need a good spread of furniture so the room doesn’t appear too empty. Avoiding the walls and placing furniture central to the room can make all the difference with the appeal of the space you’ve got play with.

Think of the Needs, Not the Wants

Everyone wants their rooms to look great, but when that comprises the purpose of the room, the room is unlikely to be used as often. The choice of furniture used can give a room a specific purpose, so working with the focal point in mind, make sure that the placement of your furniture reflects the purpose, be it to talk, eat, or relax. Catering to the needs rather than the wants ensures that the home will have a better flow, and things will be arranged in a way that is necessary for relaxing.

Make Sure You Can Move

Above many things, if you can’t move around your room, you’re not going to be able to enjoy it. Identify where the most common traffic flow areas are and make sure that furniture isn’t blocking the passage. A few extra inches between your dining room table and the wall could be all that’s needed to transform your room.

Start with Priority over Variety

When arranging your furniture, start with want you need, not what you want to include. Once the larger pieces of furniture are arranged, the more decorative items can be placed around them to optimise the space. As opposed to matching smaller items with bigger items, if you place the sofa to match a lamp for example, then you could easily find that both the focal point of a room and ease of movement, are quickly lost.

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