Review: BLO PENS Glitter Studio by John Adams

I am a complete and absolute craft duffer but Caitlin loves whiling away the time making things that are glittery, sparkly or designed to annoy her brother.  The BLO PENS Glitter Studio was obviously an ideal set for us to review.  I say us, I mean of course the Husband and Caitlin.

BLOPENS Glitter Studio Outer Box

In case you don’t know what they are, BLO PENS are a sort of felt pen in a tube which allow you to blow through them and create an airbrush effect.  You do, I have to say, need a strong set of lungs but once they start to work they produce a wash of colour with no problem.

Caitlin with BLOPENS Glitter Studio set up

This is the BLO PENS Glitter Studio which allows you to create the airbrush effects of the standard BLOPENS but with the addition of glitter to sparkle things up a bit. The kit comes with a number of stencils and decoration sheets which allow you to create your own pretty unique pictures and even a pretty butterfly mobile to adorn a bedroom.

Mat pressing out the stencils

The set contains:-

8 stencils (5 picture stencils and 3 decoration stencils)
4 decorations (3 flowers, heart and butterfly mobile),
4 tubes of glitter, ribbon and a glue pen.

We particularly liked that the box turns into an easel and handy storage space for your pens and glitter. You could easily take this with you on holiday.  Surprisingly, it doesn’t actually make much mess at all – which is a blessing for any glitter-phobic parents out there.  Just pop the stencils on a bit of newspaper and you’re good to go.

Collages of artwork made from BLOPENS Glitter Studio

This set is designed for the 6+ and we found that an adult’s help was definitely needed in popping out the templates from their card and in assembling the mobile.  And in my case the husband explaining to me VERY SLOOOWLY how to assemble the BLO PENS.  To my shame, there are quite a few YouTube videos of 8-year-olds assembling BLO PENS at high speed so I suspect it might just be me.

In case it isn’t, I do think that the instruction sheet could be a little clearer but patience wins the day and once you get the hang of it this set is quite impressive and gives hours of crafting fun. We’ve had a fair few craft sets which haven’t held Caitlin’s interest for more than 20 minutes or so but this one is solidly made, has enough variety to keep kids interested and, even when the mobile has been made, there are still loads of templates to play around and keep creating with.

BLOPENS Glitter Studio Mobile

Another plus point for me is that the BLO PENS ink is non-toxic, although they may stain clothing, so be careful.

BLO PENS Glitter Studio retails around the £25 mark which we thought was pretty good value for a set which can be used multiple times.

Just remember to put your Blo Pens away properly so that they don’t dry out.

Caitlin was pretty impressed with what she managed to create (with a bit of help from the husband). I was relegated to coffee and squash duty.

Find out more at on the John Adams website.  Available to buy at Amazon.


  1. christine
    26 January, 2018 / 1:43 pm

    l bought the glitter set for my 6 yr old granddaughter and totally agree they are fun to use and keeps her occupied for ages, the only thing we were disappointed in was the glitter pens, they don’t work that well, at least hers didn’t, but everything else was great.

  2. 6 September, 2017 / 1:21 pm

    I always wanted these when I was younger, they look like such fun!

  3. 6 September, 2017 / 11:49 am

    These pens look like so much fun, especial for those kids who like arts and crafts. My eldest would love getting creative with these

    Laura x

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