Working From Home? Are You A Mother Distracted Too?

Ah, working from home.  When I still worked in an office, those words always sounded so appealing.  Your day would consist of hot mugs of coffee drunk whilst wearing snuggly fleecy pajamas.  You’d write in a beautiful pastel colour collection of notebooks and type on a laptop that wasn’t covered in the residue of Boots Shapers Salads.

Woman at a laptop holding an iphone

Although you would be wearing your pajamas, you would of course have your hair in a cunningly coifed messy bun and be sporting a full face of make-up.

To be honest,  many of us working in an office suspected those who worked at home of being secret daytime TV watching slackers on a very cushy number indeed thank you.

Fast forward 10 years and I have been working from home since leaving my last firm of solicitors where I had the dubious pleasure of being their marketing director.  Nowadays blogging is my job, not just a hobby and during term time things are fine but it’s a different matter during the school holidays.

Childcare is a hugely contentious issue for many of us and, as a stay at home mum, I have never felt justified in employing a childminder, even though there have been times when one would have really been appreciated.

So, we all muddle through and, as this video from Furniture at Work above demonstrates so well, it’s even harder when your children are smaller than my two.  Caitlin will be 10 in November and Ieuan is 8.

Caitlin & Ieuan at The Addams Family, Wales Millennium Centre

Well, that’s certainly the right show for us.

We do have a home office in our loft but this is the Husband’s territory and although I go up there sometimes, it’s impossible to keep an eye on the kids.

I sit in an armchair with my laptop and type away whilst listening to Dan TDM (or similar) from Ieuan or watching Caitlin and Ieuan playing Minecraft.  How do they cope with a split TV screen?  It makes me go cross-eyed!

Either that or it’s demands for squash, biscuits, “what’s for tea?”, “where’s dad?” or full-on bickering, door slamming and tweeny huffs.

Nowadays I look back on my office time with almost a fondness – imagine the luxury of having an actual IT Department (even if all they ever said was switch it off and switch it back on again) and people to talk to about adult things.  Alright, the microwave should have been taped up by Scene of Crime Officers and you needed survival skills from Bear Grylls to brave the toilets but you could ACTUALLY CONCENTRATE!

Have a watch of the video and see if it resonates with you.  I bet it will.

#OfficeJoys eh?

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