16 October, 2017

Host A Haunted House Party For British Heart Foundation

Did you know that 28,000 women die of heart disease in the UK each year? That’s actually twice as many as breast cancer.

Caitlin wearing a witches hat

When I was growing up heart disease was thought of as being predominantly a middle aged man’s problem, born of poor lifestyle choices and stressful jobs.  Times have definitely changed.

And it’s not just adults.  Children can be born with congenital heart disease.  There are many different types of congenital heart disease. For example, a baby’s heart valves may not be properly formed or there may be holes between the chambers of their heart.

The British Heart Foundation is the biggest funder of cardiovascular research in the UK and their work helps scientists to undertake pioneering research into many different heart conditions, their diagnosis and treatment.

This Halloween, why not give heart disease a fright and host a spook-tacular party to raise funds to support their life saving research?

We always make a big effort with our Halloween teas in the Hobbis Household and if you love it as much as we do, then why not raise a few pounds for charity into the bargain?

Sign up to host a Haunted House Party this October, then assemble your little monsters and get together with friends for a fang-tastic fun party. Plan some ghoulish games, make some spooky snacks, do some frightening face painting and put on some mysterious music!

When you sign up you’ll receive a free kids activity pack with games and activities the kids can make ahead of your party.

Two spooky Halloween pumpkins

The best time to host is between Friday 27th October to fright night itself, Tuesday 31st October.

Host your party at home, or if you’d prefer a little more space for your spooky shenanigans then you could use the local village or town hall. Make sure you let them know you’re doing it for charity and they might give it to you free of charge.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your party is, it’s the taking part, and raising money, that counts!

So what’s the best way to raise funds?

The BHF suggests asking for around a £10 donation per guest which covers all activities for the night or,  alternatively you could ask guests for a £3 donation to attend, then collect small donations per activity on the night. Funds can be paid in online, by post or over the phone.

You could plan ghoulish games, organise a spooky snack sale or do some frightening face paint for small donations. If you’d rather children weren’t handling money, you could make a token system where their parents can purchase tokens which they can spend.

If you’re in need of a Halloween costume, why not see what you can find in your local BHF shop to get some inspiration for your outfit and complete your scary look?

Sign up to be ghost with the most and help banish the spectre of heart disease forever!


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