Manifesting Abundance – Is It Really Possible?

Manifesting abundance seems to be a big theme among the corridors of the self-help gurus at the moment.

Manifesting abundance - woman with arms outstretched overlooking the sea

Ever since I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, I have been pretty much captivated by the idea that controlling my focus and my attention could shape my future much more effectively than sulking in a corner and bemoaning my lot ever could.

We are told to Ask, Believe and Receive.  To feel our way into the life we desire.  To act ‘as if’ and make it a real experience.

Manifesting abundance seems to be a more laser-like approach to creating wealth, health and happiness.

I am currently studying a very entertaining and informative course on the subject by Denise Duffield-Thomas who, herself, manifested six months of luxury travel around the world using daily manifesting techniques which she shares in her Lucky Bitch Manifesting Course.

The process is a loop which you repeat until you get it right – declutter, decide what you want, infuse your life with positivity and prepare to receive.

Denise is also big on forgiveness – not so much to let others off the hook but to give yourself a break.

It’s actually pretty difficult to decide what you want, isn’t it?

Manifesting abundance requires you to be really specific.  It’s not enough to just say ‘happiness’ or ‘more money’. You make think asking the universe for stuff is pure hokum but even in the most basic business workshop, we are encouraged to get clear on our goals, write them down and make them SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-bound).

That’s just logic, isn’t it?

Decluttering is also a big theme so that you clear the decks, literally and energetically for the next stage of your life journey.  Denise has a brilliant question to help you decide whether to finally ditch the horrid ornament from Aunty Flo or those shoes which rub but were really expensive.  You simply ask whether these things are coming in the next stage of your journey with you which is a great way of deciding whether your ‘things’ have meaning or create joy for you. 

Do you ever find that when you start practising something new or adopt a new thought process that the ideas you are learning appear everywhere?

I have also been reading Tonya Leigh‘s great blog where she teaches women how to ‘french kiss life’ – possibly a bit yucky as an initial reaction but her ideas encompass everything from dressing well, becoming more cultured, embracing your femininity and developing your mind to becoming a modern icon.

In other words, a woman who is at home in her own skin, who knows who she is and has no compunction about stating that loudly.

In particular, Tonya asks two questions which echo those raised in The Secret and Denise’s course.

Who do you want to BE? and Are you fixing or creating?

Simple on first reading but quite difficult to answer.  Much harder than coming up with the old bucket list of things you want (or think you should want) to do.

Who do you really want to be?  What kind of person and what steps can you take to start becoming her?

If you spend your time worrying about your weight and how you are going to ‘fix’ it, Tonya suggests that you are wasting your precious energy when you could be creating a better life experience – which is more likely to lead to lasting change.

Aiming for a strong, healthy body and learning to cook delicious meals is far more effective, she suggests, than trying every diet going and then giving up.

At 54 these questions have been on my mind a lot lately.  As the kids are now nearly 11 and 9 and becoming more and more independent, I am wondering what life will be like when they are both in secondary school and they don’t need me to be on call quite so much.

Stuck, as I am in midlife with nothing other than my blog to keep me company most days, I need to turn my hand to manifesting a life which contains a lot more excitement.

It’s worth a try, isn’t it?  I’ll let you know how I get on.

Have you read The Secret or tried your hand at manifesting abundance?

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