30 October, 2017

How To Pick The Ideal Venue For A Child’s Party

If your child’s birthday is fast approaching, it’s time to pick out the perfect venue! We’ve covered the best indoor and outdoor venues, so you don’t have to. With plenty of options for younger children and older kids alike, your kid’s party is sure to be the most exciting time of their year!

Along with finding the perfect gift, the ideal Party Bags & Supplies, and the best cake, choosing the coolest party venue is just another task to add to the list. Planning a party that is fun, exciting, and manageable is a nightmare project for even the most organised parents. Choosing the right venue can take a lot of pressure off your shoulders, and free you up to enjoy the day alongside your child.

Thankfully, whether your children are in their first years of school or about to enter their teenage years, we have you covered with some of the best party venues. Planning the coolest party with the best Party Bags & Supplies doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems!

Outdoor Party Venues

While a risky choice in the autumn and winter months with the unpredictable UK weather, an outdoor bash in the spring or summer is a great option. Moving your party outside gives younger children plenty of room to run around and play, and older children a sense of freedom that they will definitely appreciate.

Younger Children

When picking an outdoor venue for younger children, you need to make sure that its safe and secure, or that there are plenty of parents around. For parties on a budget, local parks can be the perfect options. Bringing your own Party Bags & Supplies, picnic, and fun games will ensure a fun time is had by all. Other excellent outdoor venue choices include:

Older Children

For older children, you can make use of outdoor space by holding a mini-sports day with fun creative games, great for budget parties. Zoo’s, animal talks, and wildlife centres can also be as fun for older children as they can be for younger children. Some of the most exciting venues also include:

Zoos are fun at any age

Indoor Party Venues

There is much more variety when it comes to indoor venues, and you never need to worry about the weather. Most indoor venues have excellent parking, can provide catering on request, and have tailored party packages that include plenty of things to keep your kids entertained.

Younger Children

Activity centres are great for younger children that have a lot of energy to burn. With parties being an exciting time, ensuring the centre you choose is spacious is vital. Alternatively, if you want to cater for a lot of children, indoor parties in a hired hall can be a fantastic money saving option. There are many great options to choose from, including:

Older Children

One of the best ways to find an indoor venue for older kids is to note down your kid’s favourite places from days out, these are likely to go down a treat come party time. However, if you want to try something different, consider some of our top venues for guaranteed excitement:

Host Your Party at Home

External venues can make party planning almost hassle-free, but sometimes the best choice is to host your party at home. Choosing a home party gives you endless options for themes, Party Bags & Supplies, entertainment, and decorations. It also gives you a bit of extra control over the day, as you don’t have to rely on a venue to get everything right for your little ones. Some of the most exciting home party themes you could use are:

Home parties are ideal for both younger and older kids alike and they can even help you with the party planning. Whatever party venue you choose, as long as you provide a delicious birthday cake, you’re unlikely to go far wrong!

Party Bags & Supplies have everything you need to make your party unique. With themed party favours and decorations for younger and older children alike, everything you need is all in one place. Check out their website for the best party supplies for your child’s party.

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  1. My daughter will be 3 on her next birthday, so we’re hoping to actually have a party, so this is really useful!

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