Is It Time To Get Christmassy Yet?

You’ve probably noticed the gradual appearance of the Christmas TV ads and, I have to confess, here in the Hobbis Household we have already consumed several boxes of Mr Kipling’s Christmas Slices.

In our defence, this was partly because their use by date was 6th December and partly because Ieuan went on strike until his passion for them was sated.  If only he felt the same way about vegetables.

I find in the run-up to Christmas I feel a growing combination of stressed and excited which varies depending on my red wine and mince pie intake.

Now is a great time, of course, to get ahead of the crowd and to start your Christmas shopping or at least planning your purchases.

Once Halloween and Bonfire Night are over, the festive period usually swings into place immediately so you may as well bite the bullet and get Christmassy.

Hopefully, you have budgeted for some of your Christmas purchases and have an idea of the kids’ main presents.  If you’re especially organised, you may even have planned their stocking fillers!

Whilst as a busy mum many of us rely on the internet and spend the late evening on our laptops, there’s nothing quite like visiting a shopping mall like Liverpool One to enjoy the lights, the fake snow, the early sales and a Pumpkin Latte or two.

With so many brands under one roof, it’s easier to contrast and compare gifts and to check you’re getting the best deal.  You’ll need a plan though and Christmas shopping can be exhausting so you’ll find some ideas to cope with this post.

We all have our little rituals though, don’t we, to get in the Christmas spirit – because if it wasn’t for us mums, let’s be honest, Christmas wouldn’t happen at all in some households. I always treat myself to either a beauty advent calendar or a Yankee Candle Advent Calendar.  Having a daily treat in the run up to the big day cheers me up no end.

Time to get Christmassy

If you need a few suggestions for your Christmas shopping list, how about these?

*Treat yourself to some festive Christmas underwear – how many of us actually treat ourselves?!

*Kit the family out in festive jumpers for a funny family Christmas day photo

*Festive foodie treats like Stollen and Pannetone make great gifts and make a nice change from the more usual Christmas fare – or how about wrapped Amaretto biscuits in pretty tins?

*For nieces, nephews and the impossible to buy for, gift cards from their favourite store will be welcomed.

* For the selfie-obsessed, how about a selfie stick or, for girls, there’s plenty of makeup available to help your complexion look insta-ready.

*On the same theme, you probably won’t go too far from with mobile phone cases or accessories either.

Whatever you do, make sure you get enough rest and relaxation so that you are in peak shopping condition – and this is the time of year to treat yourself to a taxi home too.

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