19 October, 2017

Wear A Smile Everyday With Smiggle

Take two giggly almost-10-year-old BFFs and treat them to a girlie night in and what do you get?

Popcorn, cocktails (non alcoholic of course), much make-up and, courtesy of Smiggle, gifts from their new Smile range of jewellery (yes, as if getting out of the shop wasn’t hard enough already!).

Manon and Caitlin

Smiggle’s Smile range of jewellery contains 150 different goodies – bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, hair accessories and gift sets – just right for Caitlin’s approaching 10th birthday (she reminds me daily) and, of course, Christmas.

We received a large pink box filled to the brim with gifts for Caitlin and her BFF, Manon and they didn’t need to be told to start exploring the new Smile range.

Ieuan and I retreated to a safe distance as the noise levels rose, although Lego Dimensions Minecraft isn’t particularly quiet either.

Collage of Caitlin & Manon's Smiggle Smile Girls Night In

The idea behind the range is that there’s a way to wear a smile everyday.  Not something I’ve personally mastered but then when I was growing up we only had popper beads or those 1000 piece bead sets you had to assemble by hand  and which would scatter everywhere when you got your necklace caught on your bike handlebars.  (True story, sadly).

The girls loved the bright colours – there’s plenty of glitter, sparkle and fluff – and parents will be pleased to hear that the jewellery is solidly made.

Smiggle Smile Locket Heart Necklace Pink

Manon with her Smile Locket Heart Necklace £6.00


Smiggle Smile Shimmery Hair Clips

Smile Shimmery Hair Clips Pack x 6 – £3.50

Smiggle Smile Hearts Jewellery Box Set

Smile Hearts Jewellery Box Set £12.00


Smiggle Smile Charmed Choker Pack x 5

Smile Charmed Choker Pack x 5 £12.00


Smiggle Smile Dreamcatcher Bracelet

Smile Dreamcatcher Bracelet £4.00


Smile Bits n Bobs Hair Clips Pack x 4

Smile Bits n Bobs Hair Clips Pack x 4 £5.00

You can find the Smiggle Smile range of jewellery in selected stores or online.  Pop into store and take a selfie with the Smile prop to share your #smigglesmile. Submit it online and if yours is one of the 7 most creative entries, you could win the entire Smile range.

Sign up for the Smiggle newsletter online and you also qualify for a 15% discount off your next purchase and delivery is free on orders over £50.

Manon and Caitlin

Big thanks to Smiggle for treating Caitlin and Manon and I’m putting in my request now for something glittery and fluffy for those of us whose tween-dom was in the dim and distant past.

But no popper beads please.

Find out more at www.smiggle.co.uk and see how everyone else is wearing their smile every day on Instagram at @smiggle_.

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