5 Ways You Can Handle The Toy Mess This Christmas

Christmas is coming, and your children are no doubt getting excited by the minute. In the days leading up to the big day, you will probably be swept up in all the excitement as well, but you might want to consider one important aspect as you prepare for the festivities. The mess!  Not only have you got the get the house ready but you probably need to spend time organising toys in preparation for the arrival of the next batch too!

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From remnants of food to the tinsel and glitter, your home is going to be inundated by mess and clutter. As any parent knows, however, the biggest mess will come from the children’s toys. While you could be a Scrooge and buy them nothing, you won’t make Mum Of The Year. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help keep a tidy house this Christmas.

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Ideas for organising toys

Here are some ideas for organising toys.

1. Get ahead of the mess

Before the big day arrives, tidy up your home as much as you can. Considering there will be added mess over the festive period, you can deal with any unnecessary clutter beforehand to give yourself a head start. This includes the housework, but you might also want to show some Christmas spirit by donating your kid’s old toys to charity to make room for the new pressies they will be unwrapping under the Christmas tree.

2. Look for storage options

You’re going to need somewhere to put the kid’s toys, so invest in some extra storage space. There are cheap bedroom furniture sets online, with under the bed storage options. Then consider toy boxes, shelving units and storage benches that may complement their bedroom decor. Storage trolleys are also useful, as you can easily load them with the kid’s toys, and wheel them out of the way before the relatives arrive.

3. Make it fun

Housework is a chore, and when it comes to your kids’ toys, you will spend ages trying to keep everything clean and tidy. Therefore, reduce your hard work and get your kids to work. Of course, you don’t have to let them know it’s a chore, so make tidying up their toys into a game. Set a timer, for example, and see who can tidy up their toys the fastest. The winner can choose a chocolate decoration from the tree, though you should probably give any runners-up a little prize so as to avoid temper tantrums.

4. Create a designated play area

Not only do kids make a mess, but they spread mess wherever they go. Bless’ em. However, when it comes to their toys, you can limit them to one room in the house. If this isn’t possible, find a space in the house that can be used as a play area. Therefore, any mess stays in one place.

Provided you have toy boxes on standby; you can also rotate the number of toys they play with. Then follow that everyday parenting rule: if they want to play with something else, make sure they put away what they have previously been playing with first! The kids will moan, but tidying up after themselves is a life skill they will have to learn.

5. Buy them less

Finally, this is possibly the simplest and most cost-effective suggestion. You don’t have to buy your kids everything, even if they have given Santa a giant list this Christmas. You aren’t doing your children a favour if you spoil them, even if it’s you who is prone to go a little crazy in the toy shop.

Teach them the value of being grateful for what they have been given, and hold back on buying further toys until their birthday. It will save you money in the process, and your children will learn to enjoy what they have, rather than having toys that never get played with because they have too many!

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  1. 23 December, 2017 / 12:43 am

    They have such a great house range! I like the idea of decorating your house!

  2. 29 November, 2017 / 8:43 pm

    Great ideas! Our house is currently up for sale (we’ve outgrown it) so I have the added challenge of trying to reduce the existing mess and not adding too much before we move.

  3. Sheri
    28 November, 2017 / 12:18 pm

    I am so happy for this as we have a toddler who love toys and his grand parents and great grandmother spoil him so much. We have two play areas and I will need to get a grip on the toy mess in a few weeks.

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