Wrestling With Nappies Dad? Time For Some Nappy Hacks!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had to change a nappy for my two but I can still remember struggling with wriggling babies, lugging changing bags everywhere and the absolute certainty that there’s nothing like a nice fresh nappy to encourage a baby to use it immediately.

My two were also particularly gifted at filling their nappies as soon as I had got them in the pram and opened the front door – cue another 15 minute delay.

The Husband always helped where he could but given that his job takes him away for several days every week, as a stay at home mum, the nappy changing challenge generally fell to me.

Nowadays, though, 25% of a family’s weekly child care is carried out by dad and gone are the days when the nappy change fell solely to mums.

Aldi Mamia and Dadblog UK have teamed up to put together some handy tips to help dads (and anybody you can bribe to help out) through the maze that is nappy-changing.

Here are their essential #NappyHacks to help you with the 12 (twelve!) changes you could be making per day.

* First and foremost, distraction is key when it comes to making nappy-changes as quick and pain-free as possible. Get your baby’s attention away from…down there, by donning some snazzy, dangly headgear to act as a visual aid. No, you may not look your best, but it will make baby happy and might buy you 30 seconds less wriggle time, even if you do look like a muppet.

* Here’s something that unwittingly catches out many first-time parents and makes baby scream… COLD HANDS! Whilst it might be tempting to wear your thermal gloves, it’s probably more sensible to run your hands under hot water before you start. Remember – warm hands = happy baby.

* Do you have a son like I do? Be warned that as soon as a nappy is removed, the rush of cold air is often enough to encourage them to pee themselves. Brace yourself and have a spare paper cup handy to shield the area AND deflect-and-collect said liquid! That or consider wearing goggles.

* Can’t believe how much your tiny tot has grown? Believe me, you soon will if your baby isn’t wearing the right size nappy. Too tight and baby will be uncomfortable and potentially popping out the flaps. Too loose and you’re going to have one hell of a clean-up job (quite literally) on your hands. Fret not though and put away the measuring tape…to make sure you’re using the correct nappy for your baby’s age and weight, consult Aldi Mamia’s helpful guide which outlines the different sizes available.

* You’ll soon come to realise that nappy rash cream is an essential friend to your baby’s bottom – but a total foe to yourself and your clothes (which it will probably end up smeared all over). Consider donning a pair of Marigolds to avoid it becoming a fashion accessory or worse still, an unwanted condiment in your lunch…or alternatively have a pack of Mamia Sensitive Baby Wipes to hand.

* Baby done an absolute honker? Try applying a peg to your nose to keep out the fumes. Your partner will love your dedication to the cause, or you could just bag the problem with Aldi’s Nappy Sacks and dispose of it as far away as physically possible.

* At some point, your baby WILL do a ‘poonami’ of epic proportions. Few new parents realise it, but baby grows are designed to be rolled down over the shoulders (as well as pulled up over the head) to help prevent muck spreading all over your child’s back, head and hair. #yourewelcome”

Mind. Blown? If you’re a total nappy novice, you’ll be glad to know that Aldi Mamia nappies contain super stretchy sides and flexible leg cuffs to help prevent leaks. They also have overlapping resealable fasteners to fit small and big babies snug and securely. Aldi’s Award winning Mamia nappy range is suitable for newborns and babies of all ages and sizes and cost as little as 5p per nappy.



They have also secured Gold for four consecutive years at the Mother & Baby Awards in the Best Disposable Nappy category and were awarded 10 accolades at the Prima Baby Awards 2016, with the Newborn and Ultra Dry Nappies taking Gold in the nappy categories. And if that wasn’t enough the entire range of nappies has been endorsed by the Good Housekeeping Institute.

So, need to change a nappy?  Goggles at the go, pegs on nose and hat on head? Good luck you’re ready to go!

*PR collaboration


  1. Tom @Ideas4Dads
    14 August, 2018 / 1:59 pm

    I always used to enjoy changing nappies and became very good at it – preparation was the key for me!

  2. 11 December, 2017 / 10:08 am

    I don’t miss the days of changing nappies – I got pretty good at changing them in all kinds of random places.

  3. 11 December, 2017 / 9:34 am

    such great tips. It is surprising just how much a simple thing like warm hands can make a difference to a baby when changing them x

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