31 January, 2018

Affirmation Cards – Say “I Am” And Become Who You Want To Be

Have you discovered affirmation cards?  Those of you who are already in touch with your spiritual side might already be using affirmations to add love, light and focus to your day.

What is an affirmation?

Affirmations are short, powerful statements which you repeat throughout the day to create the reality you desire.

The queen of affirmations is Louise Hay who sadly passed away recently but her work on how our thoughts create our reality, and especially illness within our body, has always resonated with me.  Her best known book is “You Can Heal Your Life” and I highly recommend it if you are struggling to find a way forward and you find it difficult to love, or even like yourself.

There are many daily practices which can help you to focus on where you want to be or, more importantly who you want to be.  Meditation, journalling and practising gratitude all offer a chance for us to reconnect with our essential selves.

For a few precious moments each day we have the opportunity to drop the drama the modern life (and particularly social media) throws our way and to remember what we are here to do and the appreciate the things we have.

Affirmation cards offer a lovely way to focus our thoughts on positivity, beauty, peace and love.

I was recently sent some lovely affirmation cards – “I AM” Cards” from Mindful Life Journeys which are designed to bring forward a positive truth about who you are because sometimes we need a reminder.

There are 44 cards printed on a decent weight glossy card and packed in a sturdy box. I hate it when cards such as tarot cards are too flimsy and are easily damaged after repeated handling.

Each card has a mandala on the front and the statement “I AM” together with a one word adjective on the back.

affirmation cards - back of the I Am affirmation cards

For example, I am successful, I am friendly, I am strong.

There is nothing complicated about the I AM Cards and on first sight you might think “Oh is that all?” but cards like these have an uncanny knack of talking to your subconscious.

You can use the cards as often as you wish.  You simple shuffle and choose a card at random.  You can choose more than one but two is the recommended maximum.

affirmation cards - 2 example cards

If one falls out or if two cards stick together pay special attention to them.  The universal Law of Attraction is talking to you and you’ll pick a card that is most relevant to your situation.

I have to say that when I have used them they have given me a word / concept that I know I need to improve on.

Mindful Life Journeys say “We use the word I AM because the words are for you to see them, own them and most importantly believe them. Please say them out loud and be proud of the amazing person you are.”

Everyone can use them, including children, to develop their self worth, belief and confidence.  Pick a card, say the word out loud and be proud of yourself.  “I am focused”, “I am worthwhile”, “I am spectacular”!

Mindful Journeys encourage families to use the I AM Cards together.  Parents can use them with their kids. They could even be used by teachers in schools or by yoga practitioners who want to add another dimension to their exercise.

Put them in your pocket to remind yourself how amazing you are throughout the day. Use them as conversation starters at dinner parties or as table settings.  They would also make a lovely gift.

The cards come with simple instructions and the word you choose could be an instant answer, an affirmation in times of need, insight into a situation or inspiration to take action now or sometime in the future. The words are for you to see them, own them and most importantly believe them.

Mindful Life Journeys want to fill you with courage, positivity and the strength to go forward.

You can find the I AM Cards at Mindful Life Journeys (£11.99 & delivery) where you will also find a subscriptions service with over 100 unique online meditations for adults, children and later years, as well as hints and tips to get you started, live guided meditations and inspiring blogs. 50% of the company’s profits also goes towards helping others.

I have to sets of “I Am” cards to give away to 2 lucky winners.  Entry is via the GLEAM widget below and the giveaway is open to UK entrants only. The usual terms and conditions apply which can be found on my giveaways page.

The giveaway ends at 11:59 pm on Friday 23rd February.  Good luck!

I Am Cards Giveaway

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3 responses to “Affirmation Cards – Say “I Am” And Become Who You Want To Be”

  1. Sabina Green says:

    Oh I love the look of these cards, I’m a spiritual person myself and use Tarot cards and Osho Zen cards. A couple of years ago I had my house assessed by a Feng Shui consultant too as I felt that things were off kilter and it made the world of difference. I think these cards would be great for my daughter who is struggling with her self love at the moment and has some anxieties so I shall have a look thank you x

  2. Emma Jane says:

    Oh wow these look super! What a fabulous idea x

  3. Hi,

    For me, “I am” affirmations are good practice to attract anything. It would be better result if we practice this before visualization. here the list of 1000+ I am affirmation you can use daily.

    Best of luck.

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