6 January, 2018

Review: The 4 Pillar Plan by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

The thing about leading a healthy lifestyle is that most of us know what we are supposed to go it – but we don’t. In his book “The 4 Pillar Plan – How To Relax, Eat, Move, Sleep Your Way To A Longer, Healthier Life”, Dr Rangan Chatterjee does just this.

Acres of articles have been written about motivation and willpower when what is really needed, I think, is a structured guide to exactly what we need to do.4 Pillar Plan book front coverDr. Chatterjee is the star of BBC One’s Doctor In The House and his particular mission is to tackle two of today’s biggest threats to our health – type 2 diabetes and obesity.  The 4 Pillar Plan is a comprehensive programme of 20 diet and lifestyle interventions.

These are the kind of tactics which, if followed could help us to avoid bunging up our doctors’ surgery waiting room and possibly even A&E if we take just three of the nuggets of wisdom in each pillar to heart.

His pillar approach is broken down into four distinct areas:- Relax, Eat, Move and Sleep – in each of which he offers sensible, do-able, no-nonsense steps based on recent research.  You won’t find any navel-gazing or chakra massaging.  Much of this advice is probably stuff you heard from your mum – and promptly ignored.

It is important to take a holistic approach to this.  You can take each pillar at a time but you do need to take steps in each of them. Dr. Chatterjee says that the non-food elements are important because our whole system is interconnected. If we are stressed, we eat more and sleep less, for example.

4 Pillar Plan - a healthy salad and mineral water

Photo by Lauren Lester on Unsplash

The 4 Pillar Plan does contain a healthy eating plan but it is just part of an overall approach.

To give you an idea of the type of advice that is included, here are some examples from each pillar.

Pillar 1 – Eat

Try to eat at least 5 portions of vegetables every day – ideally of 5 colours.  This is important because these contain chemicals called phytonutrients which help our hearts, fight cancer cells and reverse brain ageing. Good sources include broccoli, red onions, asparagus, carrots and olives.

Introduce daily microfasts – eat all your food within a 12 hour window – so breakfast at 7 am and supper by 7 pm. After 12 hours a process called autophagy will have started, cleaning our bodies and helping with weightloss.

Unprocess your diet – avoid food products which contain more than 5 ingredients – much easier than worrying about calories, carbs or fat content.

Pillar 2 – Relax

Have a ‘digital sabbath’ – Dr Chatterjee recommends a digital free Sunday to give us a break from the constant onslaught of social media and online advertising.

Eat one meal a day at a table – in company and with no mobile devices!

Schedule 15 minutes of me-time every day – this could be reading, gardening, meditating – but no screens.  Prioritise your self care.

Pillar 3 – Move

Aim to walk at least 10,000 steps a day – put your Fitbit through its paces or buy a pedometer.

Do three or four ‘movement snacks’ a day 5 days a week – put on some music and sing or dance, do some star jumps or play with the kids.

Wake up your sleepy glutes – exercise your buttock muscles at least once a day to counteract the effect of sitting down all day.

Pillar 4 – Sleep

Sleep in the dark – use an old fashioned alarm clock not your mobile phone. Install blackout blinds or extra thick curtains.

Manage your racing mind – don’t have difficult conversations right before bed or watch the news if it upsets you.  Read a calming book or write in your journal instead.

Embrace morning light – spend at least 20 minutes outside (without sunglasses) every morning.  There is even a study which shows that people who do this have a lower body mass index!

You can choose which pillar to work on or work on them simultaneously.  I think you are better off picking a few small changes to incorporate into your routine and seeing how they work for you.

This is a fantastic, common sense book which is certain to have something you’d be willing to try – and small changes can lead to great improvements long-term.

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77 responses to “Review: The 4 Pillar Plan by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee”

  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    Sleep – as that is the area of my life I struggle with most!

  2. This is good solid advice -which I am aiming to follow – into the 2nd week of Jan and still there!

  3. Helen best says:

    Brilliant I’m sleeping but up several times

  4. Daniel Marchant says:

    Totally sleep… It’s waking in the morning too early

  5. Sallyanne Rose says:

    Sleep! Undisturbed

  6. Margaret Clarkson says:

    I would start with the move pillar because I think it would be extremely beneficial

  7. Victoria+Prince says:

    Pillar 4 because sleep is so important to everything, and if that improves I think the others will feel more managable!

  8. laura+stewart says:

    Sleep im always tried x

  9. iain+maciver says:

    sleep to try and improve it

  10. Christine+Dodd says:

    Sleep – since I moved home in November I am struggling to settle

  11. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Relax i think the others will follow

  12. Solange says:

    Sleep because I’m always tired.

  13. Jodie A Green says:

    2, i really would love to be able to relax more!

  14. Helen+Thurston says:

    I’m not sure – probably Move and Relax as I think these are the areas which I need to try harder with.

  15. ashleigh+allan says:

    Eat as its the one i need to do something about most!

  16. ADEINNE+TONNER says:

    I think it would have to be eat as i do tend to skip my required amounts of fruit and vegetables each day.

  17. Kate+Holmes says:

    Relax – would be nice to do that ever

  18. Rose Stephenson says:

    I just need to look after myself better in all aspects of my life.

  19. Dean+T says:

    Has to be sleep, sometimes my sleep patterns are all over the place

  20. Aimee Bradley says:

    This sounds amazing. There are so many that I feel would really benefit me. Thanks so much. The book is now on my wish list

  21. Annabel Greaves says:

    Pillar 4 of sleep – I can suffer from insomnia so these are great tips to try

  22. Kayleigh says:

    Sounds good! I need a much healthier sleep pattern x

  23. I like the concept of the four pillar plan, especially when he says we should eat all our meals within a 12 hour window and I think it is great that he says we should have a digital detox. That is something that I definitely need to do!

  24. We are trying to eat more fruit and veg as a family so this plan would fit in nicely with our goals.

  25. Lynne+Harper says:

    Sleep has always been an issue for me, it definitely comes in waves of struggling as well. I really need to learn to relax more and stop my mind racing

  26. Sheri says:

    I like the idea of the four pillars. I am looking to be more healthy this year and I am doing it and setting goals on a weekly basis.

  27. Fiona+Johnstone says:

    Pillar 1 Eat. I really need to improve my diet

  28. I just need to work on all of these. Sleep shouldbe my first move.

  29. I love the sound of this, I really want a good, positive plan for this year.

  30. Sara Goodman says:

    Sleep, it’s the thing I struggle with most and I really feel it.
    Thanks for a fantastic giveaway 🙂

  31. Angela Treadway says:

    Relax as i need to chill out more lol x

  32. Laura Pyper says:

    Pillar 4 – Sleep
    Im really stuggling to sleep at the moment so i would start with that

  33. jo+liddement says:

    I would start with Eat as i intend to eat more probiotic foods this year to boost my immune system.

  34. Hannah says:

    I do often have trouble sleeping so will be taking some of the sleeping tips

  35. Chris Andrews says:

    Which of the four pillars do you think you would start with and why? . . . .relax ‘cos l am usually so wound up about something or other

  36. Kim+M says:

    Eat – need a much healthier diet

  37. john+prendergast says:

    Sleep takes me ages to nod off

  38. Hannah says:

    I’ve never actually heard of this book before but I think the main points are great and so true! I do always struggle with sleep though x

  39. Danielle Spencer says:

    Sleep as it is the part I struggle with the most.

  40. Amanda+tanner says:

    Sleep as I’m always waking up during the nig

  41. Katherine Lucas says:

    Pillar 4 – Sleep as that is where I really struggle

  42. hannah+wood says:

    Would be to try and relax

  43. Ruth+Harwood says:

    Probably Pillar 4 as I never get enough sleep!!

  44. Lynn Brown says:

    Move – I don’t move enough to long at a PC

  45. Adrian Bold says:

    Sleep, as I’m always exhausted!

  46. Sandra Fortune says:

    These all sound great having lost 3 stone last year I need a bit more exercise . I had pneumonia in October last year and couldn’t do much for about 6 weeks so I think no. 3

  47. Samantha R says:

    Probably relax otherwise I’d be too stressed to do any of the others!

  48. Rachael Sexey says:

    Sleep as I am currently on medication for sleeping problems but I want to come off it and no depend on it

  49. Carole Nott says:

    I would start with eat – this is the mainstay of any healthy routine

  50. Leila+Benhamida says:

    I will start by moving more.

  51. Amanda winner says:

    Sleep 💤💤💤💤

  52. Sarah+Carter says:

    I would start with the relax pillar as I really need to relax more x

  53. Christine Lockley says:

    I’d start with “sleep” as at the moment I’m struggling to sleep and am up and down all night

  54. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Sleep – I don’t get enough!

  55. Betty Wojnar says:

    I would start with the sleep pillar because that is my biggest problem

  56. A.E. ADKINS says:

    Pillar 2 – Relax (However I am posting this on a Sunday!)

  57. Jules says:

    I’d start with Pillar 4 – sleep, as I have health problems and I’m disabled, so this would be the easiest one for me to start with. I’d gradually introduce the others.

  58. janine atkin says:

    move – i dont do much excersie at all

  59. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Pillar one because I’m halfway there – set yourself up to succeed

  60. Kim Neville says:

    Eat as I don’t always have my 5 portions of vegetables every day

  61. Angela Macdonald says:

    I would start with Eat as this is the 1st pillar and I like to do things in order

  62. sheri Darby says:

    Relax – i get far too stressed about too many things

  63. Sandra Henry says:

    Move 🌟

  64. Laura Harrison says:

    Definitely sleep, would love to improve the quality x

  65. Sheila Reeves says:

    I think I’d try Pillar one, been trying to meal plan and this would really help – try and get more vegetables in, and eat at regular times

  66. Meryl Thomas says:

    I would start with sleep, as it is important

  67. Rosiene Huxtable says:

    Sleep 😭

  68. Diane Tait says:

    Sleep, that mystical thing I’ve heard of in my youth!

  69. Deborah Clarke says:

    Sleeping!!! I’m such a bad sleeper. I’m always tired . Fab giveaway sounds interesting. My fingers are firmly crossed x

  70. Kate Phillips says:

    Sleep first – as it’s the basis of wellbeing and I’ve been struggling to sleep well this past year.

  71. astrid c says:

    id start with move

  72. Gemma Cook says:

    Definitely sleep, with 4 children I barely get enough.

  73. Emma Middleton says:

    Definately Move, since the beginning of the year I have decided to move more, and having my new puppy has really helped with that

  74. sleep for me, i think getting anything else in your life sorted with any clarity at least requires you to be well rested

  75. Lynn Neal says:

    Sleep so important to help us function properly!

  76. Natalie+Crossan says:

    Sleep a I don’t sleep properly at all! eek

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