How To Guarantee Delivery Of Your Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s that time of year again when the nation goes all romantic and even the coldest heart tends to thaw just a little.  Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and the high street stores are filled with an array of Valentine’s Day gifts – including heart-shaped chocolates, balloons, cuddly toys and cards with personal messages of affection.

What’s The Best Way To Send Your Valentine’s Day Gifts?

There is always that dilemma, though, of how best to deliver your token of affection.  Do you lurk outside their house and shove it through their letter box?  Do you place it awkwardly on their desk at work?

It’s easier if you are already in a relationship but if the object of your love is unaware of your feelings, you might not want to risk such an open declaration in person!

If you are in a relationship then, unfortunately, not all of us are able to spend the day with our significant other. Perhaps your sweetheart lives or works in another country or they may simply have to be away from home on the 14th February for reasons beyond their control.

Don’t let distance put a dampener on things though – there are still plenty of ways to show your Valentine that you really care but ensuring your love tokens arrive on time.

How to make sure your Valentine’s Day gifts arrive on time

If you’re sending something other than a card,  you can keep costs down and avoid the long Post Office queues by using a courier service.

Courier comparison site My Parcel Delivery will find a service that meets your unique requirements whilst still helping you to find the fastest and cheapest courier service available.

Parcels can be left at designated drop-off points or collected from your home or place of work when using trusted brands such as UPS and Parcelforce.

No matter where the gift is travelling to, all destinations are covered as there are a range of couriers able to deliver to Europe and the rest of the world.

Make sure your type of gift can be sent by courier

A little extra planning can go a long way when it comes to organising for a gift to be delivered. If you check out the list of restricted and prohibited items before you purchase anything, then you can be safe in the knowledge that the chosen item will be permitted to travel by courier as there are some products which couriers are not allowed to handle.

Consider Insuring High Value Items

If the item is something which is of high financial or sentimental value, then it might also be worth looking into compensation cover to give you that extra peace of mind.

Make Sure Your Gifts Are Packaged Correctly

Many people appreciate the love and attention that goes into a well-wrapped gift. Even if it is finished with a ribbon or placed in a handmade gift bag, it’s important that the gifts are packaged correctly to keep them safe and protected whilst on their journey.

Items can still remain wrapped in beautiful paper or covered with intricate bows, but they must be packaged in a parcel box strong enough to withstand transportation. This reiterates how important it is to choose the right courier, for example, a London courier that doesn’t provide expert packaging is likely to fail due to the high pace environment in a popular capital city.

I hope that you’ve gained some value from these delivery tips; they should certainly come in handy if you are sending Valentine’s Day gifts to someone a long way away.

Whoever you’re choosing to spend the special day with, I hope you have a lovely time and, just in case, here’s my helpful guide with lots of flirting tips.  If you’re cooking a special meal, you can also find advice on the best food and wine combinations to really impress too.

Here’s hoping Cupid’s Arrow hits the spot!

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    Always order early!

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