The Best Apps To Help Help Combat Chaos At Home

Now, without wishing to state the obvious, we all know how hectic family life can be. In between bedtimes, school runs, homework and careers, it’s very easy for it all to get on top of you. But the answer could be in easy reach because there are loads of great lifestyle mobile apps to give you help and inspiration with almost any problem you can think of.

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In this post I’ve listed some of my favourite smartphone apps to help you organise homelife, entertain the kids and even enjoy a little bit of ‘me time’.

Great lifestyle mobile apps to try


Meal times can be the most important time of day for any family. Maybe it’s when you all get together around the dinner table to catch up on the day’s events, or maybe it’s your time to chill out as a family with your favourite TV program. Either way there’s nothing more helpful than a handy little app that helps organise and prep meals, as well as your shopping lists, on a weekly basis.

Mealime does just that. With this fantastic app you can plan all of your meals day by day, and with over 200 personalization options, you can ensure that any allergies, intolerances or dietary preferences are easily taken care of. The app also automatically generates your shopping list based on your plans, so that your trip to the supermarket runs smoother than ever. Best of all, the majority of the recipes take around just 30 minutes, so you don’t need to worry about spending hours in the kitchen.


Feeling like all of that hard earned money that goes into your bank account at the end of the month disappears just as quickly? We know the feeling; it can cause so much stress and worry as well as affect relationships. So with that in mind, Chip is an absolute godsend.

Chip is a money saving app that connects to your current account and then uses its highly intelligent algorithm to work out what you can afford to save each month and automatically puts it away for you. That means that you can effortlessly save for that new car or family holiday without worrying about everything else you need to pay for.


Sometimes we all need a little bit of retail therapy; perhaps no more so than when you become a parent. Taking half an hour or so to have a browse on your favourite shopping app with a cup of tea or glass of wine can seem like the ultimate luxury.

The ASOS app is absolutely fantastic in terms of usability. It has all of your favourite brands in one place so you don’t to worry about switching through tabs or making multiple payments. Scroll easily through their different products, add to your basket or save to your wishlist, and then when you’re ready to pay you can use PayPal for a quick and easy checkout. Not only that but if you pay an annual £9.99 for their Premier Delivery service, you can take advantage of free next day delivery every time you shop. That means no getting the kids ready for a trip into town, no bundling them all into the car; just one easy, peaceful transaction and you can have your new outfit the very next day.

Pocket Yoga

If retail therapy doesn’t quite hit the spot when it comes to a little bit of rest and relaxation, then why not channel your inner yogi and check out Pocket Yoga. This handy little app takes you through a range of different yoga sequences with clear imagery and instructions to allow you a little time to just chill out. Whether it’s ten minutes or thirty, using this app to breathe it out will really help to relax your mind and allow you a little ‘me time’ away from the family.

Toca Nature

Finally, let’s talk about the kids. We’re all very much aware that nowadays we should encourage our children to be outside, engrossed in a book or hobby, and generally just limit ‘screen time’ as much as possible. That being said sometimes there are situations where a stimulating game or program on your phone or tablet does just the trick to keep the little ones quiet when out and about.

Enter Toca Nature. This visually stunning game is from one of our favourite developers Toca Boca. Through the app your children can build anything to do with nature – forests, mountains, jungles – and watch it grow. Let them collect food and feed the animals inhabiting their imagined habitats. Your kids will love capturing moments of their beautiful worlds and storing them away, and best of all it could keep them happily distracted for hours.

So whether you need a little assistance in the kitchen, you want to get back on top of your finances, keep the little ones quiet or just have a minute to relax, I hope I’ve offered up some helpful solutions to give you that little bit of reassurance to feel more in control at home. You can easily download any of these apps to your smartphone and you’ve got your very own at home survival kit at your fingertips.

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