Four Home Improvements To Give Your Property Market Appeal

Home improvements are often seen as unnecessary luxuries that we only consider when we’ve put together a decently sized sum of disposable income. They might also be considered a treat we reward ourselves with after a stressful period of work or making it through some tough times with our business.

However, there are some home improvements that break the mould and should be seen as investments that are worth it for your comfort and happiness – particularly if you want to maintain or even increase the value of your property.

Home improvements - four types to consider - lounge area with grey pendant lamp and table and chairs

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Easy home improvements to consider

Caring For Your Garden

Who wouldn’t love to have a beautiful garden to retreat to or a stunning backyard to host a summer barbeque? But let’s face it, how many of us really take care of our gardens? Whether it’s just mowing the lawn to keep it trimmed or planting a few seasonal flowers to add some much-needed colour to the backyard, consider putting some effort into your garden.

You might want to hire a garden-savvy friend or even look for a gardener to give you some assistance here. After all, if you try to do the gardening yourself without any advice or help, then you could end up wasting your time and feeling horrible about it.  Don’t forget – if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market ‘kerb appeal’ could improve your chances of a sale.

Interior Design Touches

You’d be surprised at just how effective investing in interior design can be. Whether it’s changing the pictures you hang from the walls, adding some personal touches or even repainting the walls, there are plenty of interior design touches that you can add to your home in order to make it feel more personal and comfortable. These may not be as expensive as the other ideas on this list, but sprucing up your space with new accessories will definitely be worth your time and impress any viewers.

The Right Flooring

The floors in our home take a beating every single day. They need to hold up our furniture, they need to sustain our weight and we occasionally drop things on our floors that can chip them and make them look unpleasant over a long period of time.

Whether you’re a fan of lush carpeting or prefer the clean look of hardwood, it’s important to take care of your flooring and even consider replacing it depending on the style that you want to incorporate into your home. Engineered Wood Flooring is durable, long-lasting and moisture resistant or you might want to consider electric underfloor heating if you’re going to strip your existing flooring. While it might not be as cold as it was a few months ago, it’s never a bad idea to plan ahead with something difficult to replace such as your floors.

Banishing Useless Space

Minimalism is a popular style choice nowadays because it frees up your home and gives you a more open and airy feel. It’s a surprisingly good use of empty space, but there are some places in your home that will likely be in need of a desperate renovation to get rid of useless space.

Two good examples are your basement and your garage. Unless you use your entire garage for your vehicle, you can never go wrong with upgrading it to accommodate a home gym or even extra storage.

Your basement can be renovated completely to add an extra living room, more bedrooms or even just a playroom for your kids. These sound expensive but they’re worth every penny you invest for the extra freedom and flexibility you gain.  Just remember to double check whether you need planning permission before you start to make any changes.

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  1. Laura Corrall
    16 March, 2018 / 10:12 pm

    We are looking to move, and desperately don’t want to spend more on our property, but if it helps in the long run it’s worth a shot. I really agree about the garden, especially if someone is viewing in warmer months.

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