How To Store Collectables To Keep Their Value And Quality

Have you ever thought of yourself as a collector? Is there a particular item that you have a strong passion for that you find yourself collecting? I remember having a brief flirtation with stamp collecting when I was younger and wish I still had that album now as it had quite a few first edition stamps.

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Many people have collectables that range in value, size, and even sentimental value. You only have to have a look at sites like eBay to see that one person’s trash is often someone else’s treasure! Collectables can be a fun hobby and something that you can take real pleasure in, but as your collection grows, so does the problem of storing it properly.

The whole purpose of collectables is that you’re collecting items of value or meaning, and you are doing what you can to preserve their quality. For lots of people, their collections are a form of financial investment that they hope will, in time, contribute significantly to their future security.

Proper storage is absolutely essential to preserve that quality, but it can often cause a lot of problems as the collection grows. How many of us already have garages filled to the rafters with stuff we haven’t got round to clearing out.  Finding somewhere to store a precious collection can often be quite a challenge!

How to store collectables

Here we’ll take a look at how to store collectables so that you can retain their value and quality.

Wine Collections

If you see yourself as a wine enthusiast and collector then you know better than anyone else how important proper storage is. This is what will ensure the wine’s integrity is preserved and that it doesn’t end up getting spoiled. If you have a particularly large collection, then storing it at home may not be ideal.

Octavian Vaults is a company that offers professional high-quality wine cellars where you can store your collection. The company currently serves 10,000 private collectors,  as well as wine merchants and investors. The wine is stored in cellars that are more than 100 feet below the ground at Wiltshire Hills. With this method of storage, you know your wine will be safe and well-preserved.

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Toy Collections

Another big collectable is toys. Depending on how much of a collector you are, you may still have all your toys in their original boxes to help increase their value and keep them safe. Dedicating a room to your toy collection may be necessary, complete with shelving and storage containers.

If you’re not willing to give up a whole room of your house, or your collection has become too big to fit in your house, then experts suggest looking into renting a storage unit. Make sure you pick one that features climate control and is an interior unit so you don’t have to worry about water damage. Even with a storage unit, you will still want to place your toys in storage bins or on storage shelves.

Coin Collections

Coins are another popular item that people end up collecting. One nice thing about a coin collection is that it takes up very little space, but because it can be quite high in value you need to be mindful of how you store it. There are a few things that can also cause damage to coins which are acids, heat and cold, humidity, air pollution, and chlorine. With that said you want to store it in a place that is not too cold or hot, doesn’t have much moisture, and where they aren’t exposed to the air. A coin holder or album is ideal. You can then go the extra mile and store the album in a safe.

Take the Time to Store Your Collections Properly

Taking the time to store your collections properly will ensure that they are well-preserved and retain their value.  Considering the cost of properly housing your collection should be one of the first things you think about if you know you’re going to invest not only your time but your money. Learning how to store collectables properly could help turn your collection into a gold mine.

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