How To Use Lighting To Make Your Garden More Child-Friendly

Kids love gardens. They are a safe place to play, let off steam, and get a bit of fresh air. Naturally, parents love them too. It is always good to have somewhere that your children can play without you having to worry about whether they are going to be safe. But have you considered how garden lights can add extra reassurance to both parents and kids?

garden lights - boy playing football in the garden at dusk

In the summer, most families use their garden every day. But, in the winter, the nights draw in and it is too dark for the kids to play out much, after school. Fortunately, with a little time and money, you can soon remedy this problem. You can easily buy some simple garden lights from this website or a similar lighting supplier in your area.

How garden lights can extend the use of your outdoor space

How you decide to light up your garden depends to some extent on the outdoor activities your children enjoy. There is rarely a need to light up the entire garden.

Lighting up a trampoline

Sometimes all you will need to do is to light up a trampoline, swing, or slide. You can do this in several different ways. In many cases simply installing a spotlight that has a built-in sensor is all that is needed.

Lighting up a ball game area

If your children like to play ballgames lighting up a small area of your garden makes sense. There are several ways you can do this. A couple of floodlights attached to a fence post on either side of the area is a simple approach that works really well.

Somewhere to eat and drink

Provided you are happy to wear your hat and a coat, there is no reason why you cannot continue to cook and eat outside during the winter months. All you need to do is to install some sort of lighting in the eating and cooking areas. For this task, street-style lamps are a really good option. They cast their light wide and look quite decorative. It is wise to have them wired up so that they can be turned on and off independently of each other.

In some climates, it is worth investing in some kind of patio heater. Just be careful to buy one that is not likely to be tipped over. Accidents happen and a child can sustain quite nasty burns from a collision with a patio heater.

Keeping the costs down

When choosing the outdoor lighting to use you need to bear in mind how much it will cost to run. You do not want to have to tell the kids they cannot play out because you cannot afford to have the lights you have installed on.

It is not enough to simply think about the cost of buying the actual lighting fixtures. You also need to consider how often the bulbs will need to be changed, how much power they will consume per hour, and how easy it is to control when you have them on.

As you can see, garden lights can be used in all sorts of ways to extend the use of your outdoor space throughout the year – and at a very reasonable cost.


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