26 March, 2018

Revamp Your Child’s Room For Spring With Reroom

It being spring, many of us will be planning a revamp of our homes to let in the sunlight and to add a bit of bright, cheerful colour. I even find myself inspired to do something other than languidly flicking a duster over the bookshelves.  But when it comes to Caitlin’s and Ieuan’s bedroom, I’ve found the best policy is to straighten their duvets and back hastily out.

Reroom Children's Interiors - Away With The Fairies Bedroom

Away With The Fairies Complete Bedroom

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Happily, I have just discovered Reroom Children’s Interiors – the brain-child of two hard-working mums with 6 kids between them who could show me a thing or two in the organisation and keeping of a respectable house with kids in it. Katy and Wendy have a background in interiors and their passion is to create rooms which are coordinated without being ‘matchy-matchy’.  Something I have never managed in any case.

Reroom’s website is full of meticulously hand-picked furnishings and accessories and, even better, it’s a British company where every effort is made to source the highest quality products from the best UK manufacturers.

You can buy an entire bedroom – for example “Away With The Fairies Complete Fairy Bedroom” or the “Whaley Good Complete Nautical Bedroom” where everything is curated for you to simply install at home.

Reroom children's interiors - Whaley Good Complete Nautical Bedroom

Whaley Good Complete Nautical Bedroom

Or you can just browse through the collections of gorgeous accessories, blinds, clocks, bedding, lighting, storage, paint and wall art.  The list is quite extensive and all the items are just that little bit more special than you’ll generally find on the high street.

Astronaut Bedding

My Deer Little Baby Sleeping Bag

There is something to suit every budget, whether you’re looking at a full overhaul or just want to inject a few special details into your child’s room.

Spaceman Glow In The Dark Clock

Sequinned Seahorse Cushion

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, Katy and Wendy are happy to receive suggestions for new pieces and designs.

158 responses to “Revamp Your Child’s Room For Spring With Reroom”

  1. Annabel Greaves says:

    I would spend it on the mermaid bedding set

  2. Angela Treadway says:

    i would put it to towards ‘They’re A Blast’ Rocket Shelves x

  3. Margaret Clarkson says:

    Astronaut Bedding Set

  4. Carolyn says:

    Probably One of the themed duvet covers, but there is so much choice and the room sets are amazing……, I might have to spend a lot more and splash out on a whole room !

  5. Martina Pichova says:

    I would get the pink princess bedding set for my daughter.

  6. Tracy Nixon says:

    I would spend it on the LED Flower Garland x

  7. iain maciver says:

    Astronaut Bedding Set

  8. Lorna Ledger says:

    Love the Blue Moon Glow In The Dark Dome Clock

  9. Fay says:

    I would buy the White Rabbit Lamp. Very cute!

  10. Susan+B says:

    The Restful Rabbit Baby Blanket regular price £55.00 looks perfect.

  11. Jessica Woods says:

    Astronaut Bedding Set

  12. gemma hendry says:

    fairy bedding set

  13. Solange says:

    The pink princess bedding set.

  14. Helen Best says:

    I’d spend it on a white rabbit lamp

  15. Iris Tilley says:

    I would either buy a couple of cushions or put it towards some shelving

  16. chelsey hollings says:

    Pink Heart cushion

  17. Elizabeth Smith says:

    The Princess Bedding Set caught my eye

  18. holly harmsworth says:

    I would spend it on the blue moon glow in the dark clock

  19. Sarah+McVicar says:

    my son is abssessed with space and the solar system, the space themed room is amazing but wow at the prices. The shelves would be fab

  20. Laura Pyper says:

    I would buy The Pink Princess Bedding Set

  21. Kim+M says:

    Like the Hedgehog Cushion

  22. Jules Eley says:

    I adore the Mermaid Bedding!

  23. laura+banks says:

    the astronaut bedding set

  24. Sarah Mackay says:

    I love the Blue Moon Glow In The Dark Dome Clock

  25. john+prendergast says:

    The Claire Unicorn Head

  26. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Mermaid bedding esmays dream room choice

  27. Sue Bowden says:

    I would choose the White Rabbit Lamp for my granddaughter’s room.

  28. donna hale says:

    I would spend it on some toys and books for my children

  29. Hayley Colburn says:

    I think I would buy my daughter a mermaid costume

  30. ADEINNE+TONNER says:

    I would get the Alice rabbit head for sure!

  31. Katherine Lucas says:

    Princess Bedding Set – Pink

  32. Rachael Sexey says:

    I would buy the LED flower garland

  33. Jade Hewlett says:

    I like the Fairy Bedding Set

  34. debbie smith says:

    i love the hedge hugs baby changing mat xxx

  35. Tanya Deliyska says:

    I would spend it on the purchase of the Furry Friends Bedding Set.

  36. Helen Stratton says:

    I would buy the Octopus cushion and the Ocean – A Photicular Book.

  37. My Ella would love the Pink Princess bedding set as it’s really beautiful ☘️

  38. I would get my girl the Mermaid Bedding Set if I was lucky enough to win.

  39. Susan Smith says:

    I would spend it on the Mermaid bedding set, its gorgeous

  40. Susie+Wilkinson says:

    I would spend it on the Earth By Day and Night Globe

  41. Katy Hacket says:

    What amazing Children’s room ideas this website has. I love the astronaut bedset

  42. Clare+Hubbard says:

    Love the rocket bedding for my son

  43. Hannah Wallington says:

    I love the astronaut bedding set

  44. Danielle Spencer says:

    I would treat myself to 2 Rabbit cushions

  45. Elaine Savage says:

    I would love the Fairy Bedding Set for my granddaughter

  46. Jayne Townson says:

    I would get the Earth From A Million Miles Cushion for my sons room, thanks.

  47. Chrissy Harris says:

    I would buy the bubble chandelier! I love it so much and would be perfect in my nursery

  48. Tracey Belcher says:

    I think possibly new bedding for the nursery 🙂 love the woodland theme

  49. Ren Taylor says:

    I love the HEDGEHOGS bedroom and would get cushions and pictures to match…gorgeous!!

  50. Claire Glace says:

    Pink Cupcake Light

  51. CHERRY LLOYD says:

    I would choose the LED Flower Garland

  52. clair downham says:

    i like the Dahlia Table Light

  53. Rebecca+Sutton says:

    I would put it towards a mermaids costume for my daughter

  54. Katy Malkin says:

    We would get the whale cushion and fishing port in a tin

  55. Kim Styles says:

    I would buy the Spaceman Glow In The Dark Clock

  56. It would have to be the mermaid bedding set

  57. Jamie Edwards says:

    I let my son have a nosey and he picked the Rocket bedding set! 🙂 https://www.reroom.co.uk/collections/bedding/products/snurk-rocket-bedding

  58. Stacey Carnell says:

    The mattress protector

  59. Karen Barrett says:

    Spaceman Glow In The Dark Clock

  60. Deborah Curwen says:

    I’d go for 2 of the framed animal prints – the hedgehog and rabbit because we love our wildlife (even though he misses half our adventures asleep in the sling!)

  61. Georgina Prince was davies says:

    i would get the Tucana Framed Print, i think its amazing x

  62. amy bondoc says:

    the glow in the dark clock, my daughter is space mad 🙂

  63. Yolanda Davis says:

    I’d pick the Princess Bedding Set – Pink

  64. Tracy Hanley says:

    I love the Mermaid Tail and Top

  65. Barbara Jane Shaw says:

    I love the bee and insect house and hedgehog house. We are creating a children’s section in the garden to learn about nature and this would be great!

  66. Stevie says:

    I would get the Hedgehog Cushion and the Red Squirrel Cushions for my niece.

  67. claire griffiths says:

    Astronaut Bedding Set i would buy

  68. Amanda Noble says:

    Definitely the gorgeous mermaid bed set for my daughter x

  69. Ursula Hunt says:

    I would buy a princess bedding set

  70. Clara says:

    I’d choose True Unicorns Grey Wallpaper

  71. Rich Tyler says:

    Hedgehog Cushion

  72. Laura Walker says:

    The astronaut bedding it looks brilliant

  73. Leila Benhamida says:

    I will buy the Fairy Bedding Set

  74. Alex Telford says:

    I love the toadstool lamp

  75. Emily Fowler says:

    The Furry Friends Bedding Set, it’s adorable!

  76. Kevin_Honey says:

    I think my granddaughter would like the Fairy Bedding Set

  77. Gary Topley says:

    I would get ‘The Mermaid Bedding Set’, thankyou for the competition x

  78. Dawn Wilkinson says:

    I love the My Deer Little Baby Sleeping Bag and the Restful Rabbit Baby Blanket so would have to decide or get both!

  79. irene says:

    so much choice ! it would be something for my little niece’s bedroom in her new house so I would let her pick,but I know it will be something with a fairy princess theme

  80. katrina walsh says:

    The astronaut bedding is lovely x x

  81. James McLaughlin says:

    It would have to be the white rabbit lamp. Our daughter loves Rabbits and already has a few white rabbit items but not a lamp.

  82. Ruth Harwood says:

    A hedgehog cushion!

  83. Stella Azzopardi says:

    Would let my grandaughter Lily choose what she wants

  84. Lenka Gabriel says:

    I’d find it difficult to choose but would ask my little astronaut to help me 🙂

  85. Cat Sims says:

    One of the lovely bedding sets

  86. MARIA ROGERS says:

    mermaid costume – shame they dont do in adult sizes!

  87. Kim Neville says:

    My son would love the Astronaut or rocket Bedding Set

  88. Kate Davies says:

    I would spend it on some of the shark themed items.

  89. debbie jayne davies says:

    i would get the princess bedding set for my grandaughter

  90. Jennifer Toal says:

    Mermaid shelf

  91. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Something spacey! Maybe a clock or a cushion

  92. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    The Pink Princess Bedding Set

  93. Emma Davenport says:

    Flower garland for my daighter

  94. Emma Ellison says:

    Animal cushions or a starfish print

  95. Carole Nott says:

    love the Tucana Cushion

  96. James Travis says:

    Storage box

  97. kris mc says:

    My daughter would love the mermaid bedding

  98. Love the spaceman glow in the dark clock xx

  99. JULIE WARD says:

    The space shuttle light switches for grandsons room

  100. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir says:

    I would buy the adoreable My Deer Little Baby Sleeping Bag £55 – it’s precious !!!

  101. jen jackson says:

    I would buy some lovely bedding for my sons newly decorated bedroom

  102. Christine Lockley says:

    I’d treat my great-niece to the “Mermaid” Bedding Set – she’d be thrilled

  103. Libby Noack says:

    I would love the Large Crystal Fantasy Dragonfly Suncatcher

  104. Lynn Neal says:

    I would choose the fairy door!

  105. Emma Fox says:

    I love the Whale chair but I think I’d put the voucher towards either the Astronaut Bedding Set or the Rocket bedding set 🙂

  106. Sandra Fortune says:

    I think a hedgehug print and cushions they’re so cute

  107. sheri Darby says:

    The Rocket bedding set

  108. sophie williams says:

    I’d put it towards the Tipi bed, my eldest son would LOVE it!

  109. astrid c says:

    the rocket shelves are awesome x

  110. The pom pom bedding set – my son loves making them and this would really make him smile!

  111. jo liddement says:

    I would love to buy my son the Octopus cushion and the Fishing Port in a Tin with the voucher.

  112. Rebecca Powell says:

    I love the spaceman clock

  113. Rebecca Powell says:

    I love the space glow in the dark clock

  114. Allan Fullarton says:

    Astronaut Bedding Set

  115. Amy Lambert says:

    i love the motion star clock

  116. Katrina Adams says:

    It would have to be either the princess or the mermaid bedding. I know my Goddaughter would love both.

  117. Rachel Craig says:

    Probably Rabit and Deer Cushions.

  118. Anneka says:

    I’d be choosing some items from the mermaid bedroom for my daughter! She would love to have this themed room!

  119. Simone Griffin says:

    I love the nautical room and the shark chair x

  120. janine atkin says:

    id spend it on the Sophia Flamingo Head

  121. Nicola Marshall says:

    I would spend it on the fairy bedding set.

  122. Emma C says:

    I would get the mermaid bedding set

  123. Khughes says:

    I’d choose the mermaid bedding . My daughter would love it. The website is amazing. If I had the money I’d transform her whole bedroom

  124. Jo Hutchings says:

    I’d choose some of the sticker books and the space explorer projector.

  125. Cathryn Crawshaw says:

    I would get some mermaid bedding for my daughter Ava

  126. rebecca smith says:

    I would love to get my daughter the mermaid bedding set

  127. Meryl Thomas says:

    I would buy a couple of hedgehog cushions for my niece who loves hedgehogs

  128. paula cheadle says:

    I quite like the Pink princess bedding set

  129. paula cheadle says:

    I like the Pink princess bedding set

  130. Katie Walker says:

    The rabbit light

  131. Charlie Brunton says:

    I would buy the Mermaid Bedding Set for my little sister Georgia! She’s obsessed with mermaids & unicorns!

  132. Jeanette Leighton says:

    Some bedding for my daughter Sheriah 5 mermaid probably or princess

  133. Liv Lee says:

    Some nice bedding

  134. Charlotte Wilde says:

    the spaceman glow in the dark clock – it looks GREAT

  135. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    Absolutely love the bedding sets. The FURRY FRIENDS BEDDING SET would be my choice if I am your lucky winner. Thanks for the chance.

  136. alisa moore says:

    I’d probably get the astronaut bedding as its so unusual

  137. Hannah Scudder says:

    Astronaut Bedding Set

  138. Sarah Holder says:

    Definitely the pink Princess bedding!

  139. Tracy B says:

    I’d be torn between Claire the unicorn head and putting it towards the mermaid shelves… both so gorgeous!

  140. Andrea A says:

    I’d spend it on the Astronaut Bedding Set

  141. Tiffeny Brown says:

    I would put it towards the blue cloud washable rug for my baby boy’s nursery 🙂

  142. Hayley Todd says:

    Thank you for introducing me to this amazing website! I would spend the voucher on the Pink Princess Bedding Set for my daughter as we are just about to start redecorating her room!

  143. Tammy Neal says:

    I’m in love with the unicorn costume x

  144. Shaun tutt says:

    The sleeping bag

  145. laura stewart says:

    i like the hedge hugs baby changing mat

  146. susan thornton says:

    I would get the Princess bedding set for my granddaughter who is Princess mad. Thankyou x

  147. Stacey Kavanah says:

    so many choices torn between the princess bedding and the unicorn head

  148. danielle graves says:

    My son has a space themed bedroom so I would buy him the astronaut bedding set I think it would look great

  149. The Unicorn head for my daughters room

  150. Anna Brown says:

    I would put it to the mermaid bedding

  151. Hazel Rea says:

    The Tucana cushion – it is absolutely amazing.

  152. Adrian Bold says:

    I would spend it on the Blue Moon Glow In The Dark Dome Clock

  153. Tee Simpson says:

    I would buy LED Flower Garland

  154. Faye Reed says:

    A pink cupcake light

  155. Natalie Crossan says:

    Would absolutely love the mermaid bedding set as I’m redecorating my daughters room next weekend!

  156. Lia Burns says:

    I would spend it on the white rabbit lamp it’s beautiful x

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