5 Ways to Save Up for a Luxury Gift for Dad this Father’s Day

He might drive you to distraction some days but you can’t imagine life without him, which is why you’ll want to spoil your dad rotten this Father’s Day.

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Whether you’ve seen a puffer jacket you know he’ll love from Belstaff or you’re hoping to take him to his favourite hotel for a mini-break, here’s how to save up quickly and easily.  This year Father’s Day is on Sunday 17th June so the time to start saving is now!

Put money aside from your wages

Regardless of how frequently you get paid (weekly or monthly), make an effort to put aside some of this money to go towards your dad’s gift. Or, just start putting spare cash from days/nights out in a pot – you’ll be surprised how much you collect over the coming weeks!

Sacrifice a meal or night out

Even though you’re desperate to go out with your friends next week, think how much money you could save by having a takeaway and night in front of the TV instead. You could save up to £100 doing this (or more if you forego a couple of nights over the next month).

Swap your bank account

OK, this might seem like a lot of hassle to go to for one gift, but a lot of banks are offering customers cash to move over. They might even give you more interest and may offer reduced fees compared to your current bank – so you’ll save more money in the long run, too.

And the best bit?

Many will sort out the transferral of any direct debits as well, so it’s pretty hassle-free.

Sell some old stuff

If you’ve been meaning to flog some of your old clothes, games and other unwanted items on eBay or your friends are constantly asking you to go to a car boot with them – now’s the perfect chance.

You might think your old bits of tat are worthless, but even if you generate a £1 per item, you could be enjoying a hefty profit by the end of the day.

Stop Buying Fast Food and Drinks

Are you guilty of stopping off for a coffee every morning on your way to work? Or are you a frequent fast food visitor? Then why not make a conscious effort to pack yourself up with lunches, hot drinks and snacks throughout the week.

While you may only spend a couple of pounds here and there, this will soon add up over the course of a few weeks – and you might feel healthier for it, too!  Yes, your occasional spending could be costing you a small fortune.

As you can see, buying dad the gift he wants this Father’s Day need not be difficult – nor need it involve the use of the dreaded plastic to spoil your dad rotten. Rather, with a few simple savvy saving tips, you’ll be buying that must-have gift in no time – and we think you just might get addicted to saving in the process!

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  1. 9 May, 2018 / 6:43 am

    My dad sacrificed his beer, cigarettes and football matches so that we had a good education and put on some decent clothes even when our family business was not doing great. Now, that i am independent and earn well, I make sure I acknowledge my parents contribution with time, love and expensive gifts 😉

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